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Delivery of UGV Swiss Police

COBBS has succesfully introduced the QinetiQ DR20 to the Swiss Poiice. The first delivery will be before end of 2012.

The Dragon Runner 20 (DR-20) is a rugged and lightweight robot used for a wide range of missions from reconnaissance and surveillance to Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The Dragon Runner can operate under most any condition and navigate most any terrain. The robot is controlled through Radio Frequency (RF) link from a portable Operator Control Unit (OCU) that provides continuous data and video feedback for precise vehicle control and positioning. The RF radios allow for 8 different channels that can be used. This gives the ability to have 8 separate vehicles operating in the same area.

The vehicle has incorporated industry standard communication ports to enable interoperability with various sensors in future system upgrades that will enhance the reconnaissance capabilities of the Dragon Runner. The Dragon Runner also has the ability to add a third party firing circuit to enable interoperability with Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) tools in future system upgrades that will add render safe, disruption, and disposal capabilities to the Dragon Runner.