For the man on the ground

These words are not chosen lightly. This ambitious statement drives everything we do at COBBS. Our unfaltering belief that nothing but the very best is good enough for the men and women that need it most sets our standards. We work continuously to source and supply effective solutions to enhance their safety and fighting capabilities. If a capability doesn’t exist, we invest and work with our dedicated industry partners to make new solutions a reality.


Established in 2006, COBBS focussed on the man on the ground as a fighting system. From the start we have been an integral driver in both national and international innovation projects. Our extensive military experience has given us unique insight, enabling us to understand the operational challenges faced by the man on the ground and the need for highly functional solutions. As a result we have become adept at supporting our customers in understanding what their operational needs are, translating these into functional and technical requirements. We have remained unfalteringly loyal to the difference we can make to the man on the ground. This is reflected in our mission to provide solutions for immediate operational requirements, or go the extra mile to innovate with tailored solutions for critical success in an ever-changing field of operations.

Our Drive

At COBBS we are highly experienced experts in the fields of premium tactical equipment and Defence materiel, serving a broad spectrum of Law Enforcement and Armed Forces in Europe. We are recognised industry leaders in the marketing, sales and distribution of innovative, functional and proven products that add most value for the man on the ground. Leaning on extensive operational experience we are able to efficiently conceive and realise solutions that enhance safety and fighting capability. Our service extends far beyond delivery of product, ensuring the end-user remains connected to the industry and our technology partners to maximise the entire life-cycle of our solutions.

Our Services

We maintain the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and quality across all our client engagements and in everything we do. This culture of excellence enables our customers to have absolute trust in us and be assured of the value we bring to their organization. We have a highly developed ethical approach to ensure our ethics are always beyond reproach. We are honest with our customers, always objective with the advice we give them, and dedicated to protecting their best interests above all else. The man on the ground is always right.

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Our people

Dedicated people work at COBBS, delivering extraordinary services and solutions to our customers. Our team consists of highly qualified, trained and experienced professionals who have a total commitment to the customers we work with. Combining over 50 years of military experience, we understand the challenges of our customers because we have dealt with these operational challenges ourselves. We continuously strive to provide the very best solutions for the man on the ground, as we have ourselves walked in these same shoes.

our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience to guide COBBS’s executive team through phases of development and growth as the leading supplier of specialist equipment and Defence materiel to Law Enforcement and Armed Forces in The Netherlands and beyond. The Advisory Board plays a valuable role in guiding strategic decisions and broadening our international network. 

MG Rtd Theo ten Haaf, Chairman of the Advisory Board, enjoyed a distinguished career in the Dutch Armed Forces. Before retiring as Commander of NLD SOCOM in 2021, he served as the Netherlands Military Attaché in Washington DC, Commander of the NLD Defence Helicopter Command, Operational Commander NLD Defence of the Nuclear Security Summit, the MH17 Recovery and as Commander of 1 (NLD) Air Task Force in Afghanistan, amongst others. For his service to NLD Defence and contribution to NLD society he was knighted as Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. He is also a bearer of the (FR) L’Ordre du Mérite and the (US) Legion of Merit. 

OUR Certificates

We operate in a highly sensitive environment on a global scale, developing long-lasting and successful relationships with our customers and industry partners that are built on cornerstones of reliability, safety and integrity. We take these principles seriously and guard them as integral to our daily business practice. As such we are fully ISO 9001:2015 and TRACE certified, vetted on a yearly basis. In addition we fully comply with international laws and regulations by maintaining close connections with international trade compliance organizations and local embassies. Our high standards ensure your full confidence in working with us as your trusted industry partner.


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Commercial transparency allows us to serve as your valued business partner in the international Defence industry. For over ten years COBBS has been successfully vetted, trained and certified by TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization.

ISO 9001

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The quality of our products and services is of the essence. At COBBS we are proud to have adopted and be certified to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. We consistently strive to provide solutions that meet our customers’ applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


COBBS Industries is a member of NIDV; the Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security. The NIDV Foundation facilitates the sustainable positioning of the Dutch Defence and Security-related Industry (NL-DVI) in national and international orders (from the government and elsewhere) and in national and international supplier chains. The NL-DVI is synonymous with the highest possible quality and effectiveness of equipment, services and application-oriented knowledge. The NIDV is a strategic partner of the government in the area of defence and security and a key figure in the triple helix collaboration between the government, knowledge institutes and the business community.

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We are proud to be a partner of Commando & Family Foundation (CFF). CFF is commited to (former) colleagues from the spectrum of Dutch Special Operations (specific Korps Commandotroepen), whose personal situation needs support.

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