Advanced Optics: Dazzle Laser Defense Eyewear

Ops-Core provides optimum eye protection to maintain visual awareness and personal safety during lasing incidents. Gentex Corporation has over 50 years of experience in high-performance optics manufacturing, and the fundamental design principles of their Ops-Core® brand: modularity, scalability, and user-driven designs. Their Laser Dazzle lenses protect against laser threats. Today’s ground forces, law enforcement, emergency […]

Search and Attack with Lanius

Elbit Systems created a small quadcopter to locate, identify and attack an enemy. Lanius is classified as a short-range loitering munition for complex environments and is part of the Legion-X robotic and autonomous combat solution. Lanius is highly maneuverable and designed for short-range operation in the urban environment and is capable of flying inside buildings. […]

Charge & Charge Pro Modular Personal Lighting Systems

With helmet rail mounting in mind, the Charge was designed by Princeton Tec. It offers a lower-lumen light output for close-at-hand administrative tasks when you are in the field. Like all the other MPLS Helmet Lights of Princeton Tec the Charge was created with their exclusive flexi-neck design allowing you to give direction to the […]

Halite’s two-bag system sleeping bags

Halite is a small SOF (Special Operations Forces) veteran-owned business located in Norway. They create and develop high-quality task-driven gear. Their products are solutions to problems during military missions or challenging adventures in the most remote places in the world. With a team consisting of veterans, explorers, designers, and outdoor enthusiasts, they can create the […]


MOHOC Camera MOHOC believes the world’s toughest warfighters deserve equipment worthy of their mission. Everything they do is specifically designed, developed, and manufactured with the operator in mind. The MOHOC CAMERA is the world’s first military-optimized helmet camera. It’s a tactically designed camera that revolutionizes form factor, durability, and user interface. Thanks to its patented helmet-contoured base and […]

Banshee Battlefield Edge Networks (On The Move)

Challenge Traditional command posts are tent-based with a large physical footprint and an easily located Electromagnetic (EM) presence. One factor tethering command posts to a static site is reliance on fixed network infrastructure which is the organizational center for Command and Control (C2). For future command posts to be more survivable against near-peer adversaries, forces […]

Centanex’s Operational and Training Devices

Centanex Ltd, part of the Beretta Defense Technologies (BDG) Group, was established in 2009 to meet the ever changing and increasing demands of Police and Military forces both in the UK and Internationally. They provide high quality, accurate, safe, and cost-effective Pyrotechnic solutions. All of their products are designed, manufactured, and supplied from within the […]

Mustang Survival: Advanced Flotation Protection

Banner Mustang Survival

The MD3196 is a compact life preserver that automatically inflates when submerged in water. Its design makes it easy to integrate with body armor and tactical vests that use a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) webbing system. The MD3196 SO offers advanced flotation protection to law enforcement professionals operating in marine environments. For special operations, […]

Skydio + Scout Team Awareness Kit

Drones are on an increasing scale being used and give a real-time view to help in different kinds of situations, for example, a search and rescue mission, or operating in military conditions. Skydio makes autonomous drones that make the world more productive, creative, and safe. Their latest software release enhances existing pilots’ situational awareness missions […]

Tactical Electronics’ Swift Cameras

Tactical Electronics has been a reliable resource in providing law enforcement agencies and trend-setting military groups with the technology and training needed to excel in real-world challenges. Their goal is “to preserve this world by protecting those who protect us”. They do this by designing tactical camera systems and EOD equipment, teaching multiple-levels of EOD and […]