The Beretta APX family

The Beretta APX is a family of semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Beretta. The lightweight frame housing is constructed from a technopolymer reinforced with fiberglass. The APX’s sleek design makes it easy to carry and draw from a holster. The series started in 2016 with the full-size standard model. In 2018, three more variants […]

Tomahawk Robotics´ Edge Devices

Tactical networking with edge processing The primary focus of the Kinesis Ecosystem is to prioritize the needs of the warfighter. It has to enable them to quickly enhance their capabilities in the field without being limited by the offerings of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This means that even a basic hovering drone, originally designed […]

RATS Pack – A medic bag for the front line

Mystery Ranch builds the finest load-carrying products. Their products are built with purpose using the best materials available and the most durable construction methods that exist. They emphasize innovation out of need, and their RATS pack is an example of this. The redesigned Rapid Access Trauma System (RATS) pack of Mystery Ranch is an essential […]

Beretta’s NARP

NARP (New Assault Rifle Platform) is a unique and modern platform, with ergonomics close to AR platforms but embodying battle proven action designed by Beretta, which pushes the boundaries of products performance. Thanks to its reduced weight of 3.3 kg (including empty magazine) and a total length under 90 cm, NARP fits any operator offering […]

The Arc’teryx LEAF Practitioner AR Jacket

Arc’teryx is a renowned brand in the outdoor industry and has a reputation for producing top-tier gear. The Practitioner AR Jacket of Arc’teryx LEAF is no exception. This high-performance garment meets the demands of the most adventurous individuals. It is a durable jacket with air-permeable insulation with a four-way stretch fabric for added mobility. The […]

JIM Compact and TOTEM: Revolutionizing Precision Targeting

Safran has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the field of optics. Among their impressive products, the JIM Compact binoculars stand out as a great example of precision engineering and exceptional quality. JIM Compact is a lightweight (less than 2 kg with batteries), multifunctional, long-range binocular system. These binoculars strike a perfect […]

Magpul Eyewear Performance Technology

Magpul is very well known for its firearm accessories and outdoor equipment. Regarding their eyewear, they elevate to a new standard with their inventive Eyewear Performance Technology. They understand the demand for suitable and durable eyewear that makes all the difference during outdoor activities, tactical operations, or simply a day at the shooting range. That’s […]

V-Lite Multi-Color – A simple and intuitive alternative to chemlight

S&S Precision develops and produces elite industry-leading equipment for the military. Their mission is to provide exceptional performance solutions. With the latest manufacturing techniques and first-class materials, they develop product solutions for Military Units, Federal Government, and Law Enforcement Professionals. Their productions involve specialized gear and equipment for tactical and operational missions for elite forces […]

SPUR Mini – Squad Packable Utility Robot

QinetiQ was founded in July 2001 as a government-owned company called the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). Later on, it was privatized and became QinetiQ in 2002. QinetiQ provides innovative solutions to real-world problems and with their technical expertise, they support defense and security missions. They are well known for their defense technology, electronics, […]

The Suppressor Cleaner from Breakthrough Clean Technologies

Breakthrough Clean Technologies is a company that is specialized in producing cleaning and maintenance products for firearms, including rifles, handguns, and other types of weapons or components. The company is known for its innovative and environmentally friendly approach to firearm cleaning, utilizing water-based and non-toxic solutions in their products. Despite that, there products are still […]