Mystery Ranch BLACKJACK

Mystery Ranch is known for producing high-quality backpacks designed for various outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, and military use. Mystery Ranch backpacks incorporate durable materials, thoughtful designs, and feature multiple compartments, adjustable straps, and load-bearing systems for comfort. The BLACKJACK Series of Mystery Ranch is designed after the SOCOM-issue SPEAR packs. The name BLACKJACK was […]

Tomahawk Robotics – Manned and Unmanned Teaming

Securing victories in both today´s and future conflicts depends on leaders who can adapt, skilled soldiers, and teams that are well-trained and equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Ongoing progress in artificial intelligence has facilitated increased autonomy in military systems. As machine intelligence plays an expanding role, the effective collaboration between humans and autonomous systems will become […]



CORE Survival creates effective and innovative products inspired by the insights, expertise, and future requirements identified by engaged users in the respective field. Within the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, they were fortunate to engage with users, actively listen, and provide innovative solutions to tackle longstanding challenges. CORE Survival produces products that are designed to […]

S&S Precision’s NavBoard FlipLite Kit

NavBoard FlipLite

S&S Precision is a company known for designing and manufacturing tactical equipment and accessories for military and law enforcement agencies. They are recognized for producing high-quality gear, including items related to navigation, communication, and mission-specific tools. The NavBoard FlipLite Kit of S&S Precision ensures the safety and weather resistance of your device. You can enhance […]

Safran’s HRG Crystal: Empowering Next-Gen Inertial Navigation Systems

Safran Electronics & Defense stands out as one of the few companies equipped with a comprehensive range of PNT technologies, further strengthened by the incorporation of proven inertial navigation solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Hemispherical Resonator Gyro (HRG) Crystal technology delivers unprecedented performance and reliability compared to current technologies, catering to tactical and strategic applications […]

Gather the intel you need with the K9-XR CAMERA

The K9-XR Camera of Tactical Electronics stands out as an advanced extended-range camera system, streaming live video and audio directly to the K9 handler. This system is ideal for military working dogs, Police K9, and Urban Search and Rescue K9 teams. With your canine at a distance of up to 450 meters away, you can […]

The Ares Combat Gloves of W + R Pro

W+R GmbH was founded in Metzingen in 1928 by the tanner Jakob Weiblen and the glove maker Theodor Rümmelin. Since then W+R has been active in the field of developing and manufacturing protective gloves that meet the highest safety standards. W + R PRO GmbH is a subsidiary of W + R GmbH and has […]

SureFire XSC: Empowering Precision in the Dark

SureFire’s WeaponLights have a proven history of providing maximum performance and durability in the most compact form factors, and the SureFire XSC is no exception. The XSC is a rechargeable Micro-Compact LED Handgun WeaponLight designed for the latest micro-compact concealed carry guns.  The XSC WeaponLight delivers intense illumination, ensuring positive target identification and empowering you […]

Oakley’s Standard Issue Ballistic Crosshair Sunglasses

The Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair Sunglasses feature a sturdy wireframe design, giving the impression of robustness. The Standard Issue Ballistic Crosshair seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with a lightweight C-5 alloy frame, featuring a distinctive lens shape and the all-day comfort of sure-grip Unobtainium. Basically, you get the vintage aviator look with the Oakley premium optical […]


Skydio X10

Previous slide Next slide The revolutionary Skydio X10 is designed for first responders, infrastructure operators, and allied militaries worldwide. It possesses advanced sensors capable of capturing crucial data details, coupled with AI-driven autonomy to deploy these sensors wherever necessary. This compact and user-friendly package surpasses any previous technology in terms of capability and versatility. The X10 […]