Break into any structure with Tactical Breaching Tools

SAN Ltd is a privately held company established in 1995. They focus on design, production, engineering, and project management. They are an expert in the fields of Combat, Search and Rescue; Over the last 15 years, they have developed and upgraded their world-leading electro-hydraulic tactical breaching equipment. SAN Ltd World Leading Tactical Breaching Solutions incorporates innovative technologies based on light materials, allowing one operator to obtain a powerful set of tools that can break into any structure at top speed.

At SAN they believe that Fast Response, Mobility, and Multi-functional capabilities are major elements that enable the defense and rescue forces to perform their tasks in maximum capability, therefore, they continue to develop, manufacture, and design lighter and more compact kits to meet optimal operational requirements. They work separately with the Police & HLS units, Fire Fighters & Rescue teams, Military & Special forces and make the right adaptation to make the perfect fit.

Tactical Breaching Gear

SAN’s forced entry gear offers a big upgrade for the Police & HLS units, Firefighters & Rescue teams, Military & Special Forces in multi-functionality, weight, design and speed.

Find out more about their Tactical Breaching Tools which are useful to save lifes and enforce security:

Doorbreaker Breaching Tool



Technical information:
The leading hydraulic tactical door breaching tool is a Innovative, Light, and Rugged Door Breaker. 

Weight   Aluminum – 4.1 kg, Hybrid – 5 kg
Lifting      Force: 6.2 ton
     260 mm

Cutter Breaching Tool



Technical information:
The “jaws of life” is a tactical hydraulic cutter which can cut through any bar, hinge, chain, lock with cutting force of 23 ton.

Weight       4.5 kg
Force          23 Ton
Capability 18 mm (untreated steel)

Spreader Breaching Tool


Technical information:
SAN’s hydraulic tactical spreader is designed to spread between bars, hinges, car doors, and make the necessary space for the operator to work.

Weight 4.2 kg
Force     6.2 ton
Stroke   82 mm

Guillotine Cutter Breaching Tool


Technical information:
The “jaws of life” were customized design to assist rescue, firefighters, and first responders in their life-saving missions, well fitted to cut construction bars, big chains, and locks with cutting force of 15.5 ton.

Weight      5.5 kg
Force         15.5 ton
Capability 25*36 mm (untreated steel)

Cable Cutter Breaching Tool

Cable cutter

Technical information:

Weight      3.2 kg
Force          4 ton
Capability 19 mm

Long Spreader Breaching Tool

long spreader

Technical information:
SAN’s hydraulic tactical long spreader is designed to spread between bars, hinges, car doors, and make the necessary space for the operator to work with additional 44mm of stroke compared to our normal spreader.

Weight 5.7 kg
Force    6.2 ton
Stroke  126 mm

Jimmy Bars Breaching Tool

Jimmy Bars

Technical information:
At SAN they have a variety of Jimmy bars in customized designs.

Weight  0.7 Kg – 2.3 kg
Length  360 mm – 700 mm

Cylinder Opener Breaching Tool

Cylinder opener

Technical information:
Manual yet compact Cylinder Opener which enables the operator variety of capabilities, from carrying concealed tools to breaching light locks.

Weight 2.7 kg
Force    2.5 ton
Stroke  54 mm

Wire Cutter Breaching Tool

Wire cutter

Technical information:
Manual Wire Cutter.

Weight 0.7 kg

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