Centanex’s Operational and Training Devices

Centanex Ltd, part of the Beretta Defense Technologies (BDG) Group, was established in 2009 to meet the ever changing and increasing demands of Police and Military forces both in the UK and Internationally. They provide high quality, accurate, safe, and cost-effective Pyrotechnic solutions.

All of their products are designed, manufactured, and supplied from within the United Kingdom. Utilizing effective supplier management protocols to ensure continuity and reliability of supply. Centanex is uniquely positioned to be able to undertake specialist Research & Development projects for the military, police, and government. But also for commercial organizations requiring a pyrotechnic or engineering solution to specific operational and training situations.

Centanex products have been specifically designed for Law Enforcement and Military use, both in operational and training formats. Their range and capability include: Distraction Devices (Flash Bangs), Smoke & Irritant deployment, Grenades, Thunderflashes & Maroons. As well as Specialist Ammunition along with other bespoke product requirements.



The CTX Single Burst Reloadable Training Device consists of a consumable sound/flash unit with a fly off lever mechanism and high-grade aluminum reusable blue training body which is identical in shape and size to the Multi Burst Distraction Device(s). The delay options are 0.5sec or 1.0sec. They are for users to obtain and retain the skills associated with the deployment and use of Noise Flash Distraction Devices.


CTX Multi Burst Distraction Devices are Noise Flash Distraction Devices. They are designed for indoor or outdoor use by Law Enforcement Agencies and Special Forces during dynamic entry situations and hostage release scenarios. Significant Noise, Blast, and Light output levels are produced to induce disorientation in any person within the effective range. On activation, the device delivers 6 or 9 reports and during function presents no fragmentation or projectile concerns. The sound levels at 2M are between 168 and 170 dB C and it has a flash output of 3 million candela.


The CTX-1-C 6 Port & 9 Port Single Bang Grenade is a powerful CTX Opposed Entry Grenade designed for use where traditional units simply may not be sufficient for the situation. 
They induce a weakening effect on any person within the effective range by extreme noise, blast pressure, and light output levels. The sound levels at 2M are between 174 and 180 dB C and it has a flash output of 5 million candela.

Training Devices

CTX Thunderflash Mk7/Mk9

CTX Thunderflashes are for use as a training device to provide realistic simulation. For example in Riot Training Scenarios or Distraction use training. This hand-thrown device is an ideal training enhancement in many situations. Two versions are available, the Mk7 and Mk9, hand-thrown friction strike or electric initiation models.

CTX Maroon Mk7/Mk9

The CTX Maroons have similar applications except for being electrically initiated, making it ideal for pre-planned exercises and training exercises where remote firing is required.

CTX Thunderflash MTG

The CTX Thunderflash MTG are for use as a training device to provide realistic simulation. This hand thrown device is an ideal training simulator in many situations. Ideal for indoor Close Quarter Battle Training (CQB) scenarios, but also Riot Training Scenarios or distraction trainingss. After the CTX Thunderflash is activated there is a 3.0 second delay, with a follow up of a loud noice of approximately 150dB C at 2M distance and a bright flash.

Smoke Grenades


CTX Screening Smoke Devices produce a dense curtain of smoke to mask the removal or deployment of personnel in tactical and training situations. The device consists of an extruded aluminum casing and a proprietary fly off lever mechanism. Delay options are 0.5sec or 1.0sec and with a burn time of 50 seconds.


Irritant Dispersal


The CTX Irritant Dispersal Grenade with Flameless Expulsion is designed specifically to deploy sensory irritant material without the risk of fire. The unit is available in 40 or 50mm diameter, making it ideal for both indoor close quarter and outdoor exposed conditions. Can be used in various Military and Law Enforcement Operational scenarios such as: Hostage Rescue, Tactical Entry Training, Public Order/Riot Scenarios. Delay options are 0.5sec or 1.0sec.


Ball Grenades


CTX Ball Grenades combine sound and flash function with extremely effective payload deployment for both operational and training uses. The device has a selection of payload options available and therefore can be tailored to meet numerous end user requirements. Can be used for Tactical Entry Training, Single System Search Training, T66 Training Scenarios, and Public Order/Riot Situations. The Ball Grenade casing is manufactured from a unique flexible biodegradable material and has been designed specifically for the requirements of various UK Police Tactical Firearms Units and Military users. The sound level for training is 150dB C at 2m, sound level for operational is 165dB C at 2m. Delay options are 1.0sec or 1.5sec.


Specialist ammunition

Centanex’s various ammunition capabilities include specialist 12 gauge rounds for breaching through doors and similar applications. Furthermore, Centanex manufactures under license a number of specialist rounds including Bird Control Cartridges for the airport sectors and municipal waste sites.

Specialist ammunition

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