Centanex screening smoke hand grenade

Centanex is a specialist brand of GMK Limited. Centanex´s products are designed to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of Police and Military forces both in the UK and Internationally for high-quality, accurate, safe, and cost-effective Pyrotechnic solutions. 

One of the products within Centanex’s product range is their Screening Smoke Hand Grenades. The purpose of the CTX Screening Smoke Device (CTX-SMK-SCR) is to generate a thick wall of smoke, effectively concealing the movement of personnel during tactical operations and for training scenarios. Its body is constructed from an extruded aluminum casing and features a unique fly off lever mechanism designed in-house. The smoke composition is released through an exhaust port located at the base of the device.

CTX Screening Smoke Device

The CTX Screening Smoke Device utilizes a familiar three-stage safety ring pull mechanism, similar to that found in Operational Multi Burst devices. To activate the device, it is held in the standard grip, and upward pressure is applied to release the ring pull system. After the ring pull is released, the pin can be twisted and removed as usual. Upon leaving the hand, the fly-off lever is automatically engaged, enabling the hammer arm to operate. This, in turn, triggers the primer cap, initiating the internal delay fuse element and activating the grenade.


The CTX Screening Smoke Device can be used in various military and Law Enforcement operational and training scenarios such as:

  • Rapid concealment of personnel and assets
  • Reducing the accuracy of enemy fire
  • Close protection for the removal of VIP(s)
  • Cover for the deployment or redeployment of personnel


Specs CTX Screening Smoke Device

The 40 mm diameter grenade produces at least 45 seconds of dense white non-toxic smoke from a single exhaust port on the base of the aluminum body. The Centanex smoke grenade uses the same high-quality fly-off lever and delay system as the operational grenade family. Its low profile and weight make it easily concealable and close protection personnel have found it highly effective.

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