Crye Precision´s AIRLITE SLC BELT

Crye Precision makes uncompromising gear for uncompromising people. They are known for producing high-quality tactical gear and clothing. They are dedicated to paying great attention to detail, utilizing premium materials, and conducting thorough research in their design processes.

The AIRLITE SLC BELT is an example of their unwavering commitment to these principles. The AIRLITE SLC BELT is a stable and supportive solution constructed with AIRLITE material, effectively reducing both weight and bulk without compromising durability.

Its contoured shape and slender padding ensure the wearer of the belt with comfort, even under a full loadout. Its broad profile makes the belt effectively spread weight and minimize movement during high-intensity activities. Through the side support pockets the belt can be easily integrated with the revolutionary STRUCTURAL KINETIC SUPPORT SYSTEM (STKSS) that transfers vest-borne weight to the hips. When added with the EXTENDABLE STKSS the wearer’s shoulders and spinal column are entirely isolated from the carried weight. Instead, the weight is directly transferred to the pelvis (hip bone) and legs.

Designed for adaptability, the front AIRLITE MOLLE panel allows seamless integration with drop holsters and pouches, offering quick and efficient access to essential gear.
The inclusion of a removable inner belt, along with a back inside center loop for retention, provides customizable options for user preferences.
Furthermore, the AIRLITE SLC BELT is compatible with the LOAD RATED BELT (LRB) or any belt less than 2” in width, and with SUSPENDERS.

Whether for tactical operations or everyday use, this belt is engineered to meet the demands of users seeking a reliable and adaptable solution.

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