Crye Precision´s JPC 2.0 Swimmer Cut

The JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) 2.0 Swimmer Cut is a lightweight, minimal armor vest. Its design ensures the wearer maximum mobility, weight savings, and packability. Due to its variety of configuration options, it caters to the specific requirements of operators regarding protection, modularity, and comfort. The carrier incorporates the innovative Skeletal Cummerbund System of Crye Precision, which comes with their Integrated Attachment System. This feature enables pouches to be mounted both on the inside and outside of the cummerbund, reducing unnecessary weight and bulk and enhancing overall ventilation.

The JPC 2.0 Swimmer Cut only weighs under one pound. The Velcro brand panel on the front of the carrier allows a detachable MOLLE or mag pouch front flap. The built-in admin pouch in the upper portion of the front carrier is able to hold pistol magazines. With a easy 2-step emergency doffing capability, you are able to detach yourself quickly when needed. Along the sides of the back carrier you find zippers for zip-on panels. Because the vest is made out of high performance stretch material it allows plates of different thickness to be added. The webbing loops on the back of the shoulder straps support the back panels

Front carrier

The front carrier offers low-visibility protection, that is capable of accommodating Level IV standalone plates. It features a convenient top admin pouch for easy access to storage items. The shoulder covers have Velcro openings, allowing for cord management and organization. The carrier incorporates a Velcro panel that enables the attachment of AVS detachable MOLLE or mag panels. To comfortably wear the vest, there is a padded ventilation panel on the inner surface.

Rear carrier

Supports low-vis protection up to Level IV standalone plates. On the front is MOLLE webbing on the outer surface of the vest. There is also a padded ventilation panel on the inner surface for comfort.

3-Band Cummerbund

Cry Precision’s Skeletal Cummerbund is designed to improve performance by reducing weight while maintaining full functionality. Pouches can be attached to the inside or outside of the cummberbund.

Easy 2-step emergency doffing capability

Stretch material that allows you to carry plates of varying thickness

Cummerbund attachment for adjustments and chest expansion

Velcro brand panel allows detachable MOLLE or Mag pouch front flap.

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