The Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager (ECOTI) of Safran Optics1 is an advanced thermal overlay system effective in extremely low light conditions or visually obstructed environments. The ECOTI enhances threat detection and situational awareness by effortlessly attaching it to your compatible night vision equipment and will provide you with night vision and thermal vision combined into one. ECOTI delivers unparalleled capabilities and performance and is a true game-changer for the operator. 


The ECOTI clip-on thermal imager can easily be mounted onto existing Night Vision Devices (NVDs) using a bracket, eliminating the necessity for special helmet fittings. Utilizing low-power consumption, advanced thermal sensor technology, and high-performance optics, it seamlessly integrates to offer cutting-edge Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) capability. With three observation modes: full thermal, patrol, and outline ECOTI ensures versatile functionality for various operational scenarios.  

ECOTI and NightVision

Its rugged design can withstand the harshest environments and is waterproof up to 66 ft. (20 meters). ECOTI is small and weighs only 125 g. (w/ CR123A battery and mounting bracket) or can be connected to an external battery pack. With a single CR123A, you have a long operational life of >3.5 hours, but with a smart battery pack, you get a longer battery life for long-lasting operational scenarios


Due to ECOTI’s small size and lightweight design, it fits easily in your pockets and adds only minimal mass to your helmet. Inside ECOTI is a 16 GB SD card for image capture (>10,000 .TIF images), navigation tracks, and marking capability.


One of the big advantages of the ECOTI is it enhances the functionality of NVDs by adding a thermal image overlay to the image-intensified (I2) scene without modification of your existing hardware. 


Moreover, ECOTI has an augmented reality capability that provides a HUD (Heads Up Display) functionality, offering real-time, geo-referenced navigation and route execution. When paired with Android devices with ATAK, the NVD transforms into a remote display, facilitating the identification of teammates, targets, and route points by showing different icons. 

Augmented Reality

The ECOTI offers users a high-definition, real-time thermal overlay. It provides you the option to choose between Outline, Patrol, and Full Thermal modes, along with white and black hot polarities. Additionally, it comes with pre-programmed environmental settings to optimize detection in various operating conditions. 

In short, ECOTI offers users the advantage of LWIR thermal imaging when integrated with conventional Image Intensification (I2) night vision devices, offering users more situational awareness and early threat detection.  


In the same family of systems, Safran Optics1 offers ECOSI, which is capable of detection in the Short-Wave Infrared spectrum. TAD is the Thermal Augmentation Device, similar to ECOTI yet without HUD capability. All systems can be used as Clip-On devices or as handheld thermal imagers 

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