Elbit Systems has developed the Legion-X, an autonomous networked combat solution based on robotic platforms and heterogeneous swarms. It’s an innovative modular solution that provides a comprehensive, all-in-one system for planning, operation and management of all types of unmanned platforms and missions that enables tactical superiority at all echelons. Missions with humans can now be run in conjunction with autonomous systems, enhancing efficiency and adding transforming capabilities in multi-domain warfare.

Legion-X can support integration from almost any platform as it is designed for Human-machine Teaming (HMT) operations to extend the reach of warfighters and enhance performance in all domains of the modern battlespace.

Key Benefits

Key Features

Optimal management in multi-domain environment

Single operator for one-to-many  swarms/platforms

Supports HMT formations

Suitable for all unmanned platforms

Platform agnostic

Control of heterogeneous combat swarms

Reduce cognitive load from the warrior

Autonomous mission management tool

Robust connectivity on-the-move

On edge autonomous platform control management

Enhanced survivability and lethality

Operational in congested and contested combat environments

Enhance combat mass

Open architecture

Decrease risk and casualties

Supports unlimited Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

Increase mobility and sustainability

Coordinated strike after human confirmation

Israel and the IDF have been using autonomous systems for the past years, with much success in recent operations. Elbit Systems’ Legion-X has been at the forefront of these developments at the IDF. Legion-X has been successfully deployed in the IDF’s operations, linking multiple unmanned aerial systems and ground vehicles, to collect intelligence, locate potential targets and guide weapon systems directly and effectively.

The User Interface of the system has been designed to reduce cognitive load for the commander and the operators using the systems. Integration into a battlefield management system leads to dispersion of information in real time, keeping warfighters focused and in sync with the operation.

In this example of Human-machine teaming, the Legion-X system is the linking pin providing effective command and control of autonomous systems and safe execution of missions. From mission planning to execution, each element is covered to provide the combat units with the flexibility to plan missions and adapt the mission according to the reality of the execution.

At this moment, Legion-X is one of the few true swarming systems developed. To give you an insight into how Legion-X is deployed, please read the following article by David Hambling on Forbes.com.

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