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Founded in 1966, Elbit Systems is an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world, primarily in the defense and homeland security arenas. Elbit develops and supplies a broad portfolio of airborne, land, naval and new space systems. Elbit systems and its products are installed on new platforms; they perform in comprehensive platform modernization programs. In addition, Elbit provides a wide range of support services across the globe.

Major activities include:

  • military aircraft and helicopter systems;
  • commercial aviation systems and aerostructures;
  • unmanned aircraft systems and unmanned surface vessels;
  • advanced electro-optic, night vision, multispectral and countermeasures systems;
  • land vehicle and active-protection systems;
  • rocket artillery, mortars, mobile weapon station and various munitions;
  • command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) and cyber systems;
  • naval systems and integration services;
  • flight training and flight line services;
  • electronic warfare and signal intelligence systems; 
  • and other commercial activities.

Elbit is headquartered in Haifa, Israel but is an export-oriented company (above 80% of its 5 billion USD annual revenue) with tens of subsidiaries in more than seventy countries in five continents. Elbit’s stock is traded publicly on the NASDAQ and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. As a global participant in defense industry, Elbit has around 18.000 employees, with over 55% engineers, working hard to craft the latest innovations for customers. Each of the employees live by their mission: “To empower our customers with tools and technologies necessary to face the future with confidence.”

In this month’s Supplier Spotlight series we want to highlight Elbit Systems, as one of our outstanding partners in Unmanned Systems & Sensors: a company with a drive for innovation, excellent customer focus and technological edge. In this video, a brief overview of Elbit’s solutions are shown which have countless applications in Aerospace, Land Systems, C4ISR, and novelty Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

COBBS is representative for Elbit in the Netherlands in a number of domains. With Elbit’s expertise, we can extend our clients high quality solutions in Land Systems, Robotics & Autonomous Systems, C4ISR and Cyber, to name a few. Elbit’s integrated approach of interoperability leads solutions to be seamlessly working together in multiple domains. It’s multi-domain networking solution encompasses not only a shorter sensor to shooter loop in target acquisition for Fire Support, the intelligence cycle is closed sooner in moments when decision-making needs to be done realtime.

Elbit has a deep understanding for the local dynamics and maintains an agile mindset that enables them to adapt to that same local dynamic in creating the best possible solutions for our customers. Elbit’s drive for innovation and outstanding customer focus are values we at COBBS share. Putting the customer up front is what constitutes our purpose: “for the man on the ground”.

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