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Tactical Electronics is committed to safeguarding those who protect us. They strive to deliver the highest quality products and services, supporting their customers’ missions and objectives with unwavering dedication. As a trusted resource for law enforcement agencies and military groups, Tactical Electronics provides the advanced technology and training needed to excel in real-world challenges. Whether designing tactical camera systems and EOD equipment, teaching multi-level EOD and electronics courses, offering R&D services, or creating IED training aids, their ultimate goal remains the same: to protect those who protect us.

2nd line elite

2nd Line Elite is a modernized collection of essential tools designed for executing EOD procedures. Its streamlined, fast-access, modular design provides operators with a customizable system tailored to their unique needs. Building on the legacy of Tactical Electronics’ original 2Line, the 2nd Line Elite enhances functionality while being lighter and more streamlined. It’s specifically designed for on-the-go missions, with modularity and target-specific requirements in mind.

2nd Line Elite
2nd Line Elite individually equipped tool kits
2nd Line Elite Side

The 2nd Line Elite features six individually equipped tool kits, offering operators a modular array of EOD tools for comprehensive EOD operations. The 2nd Line Elite includes the 1st Line v2 (1Line v2), Manual Access Kit v2 (MAK v2), Power Access Kit v2 (PAK v2), DET Diagnostic Kit v2 (DDK v2), Accessories Kit, and the new Rapid Action Kit (RAK). The RAK replaces the legacy RIP kit and Immediate Action Pouch, combining their functionalities into a single kit designed for quick access. It can be worn outside the backpack or on the individual, providing a versatile toolset for various 1st Line render safe operations.

1st Line v2


Rapid Action Kit

Rapid Action Kit

Accessory Kit

Accessory Kit

Manual Access Kit v2


Power Access Kit v2

DET Diagnostic Kit v2

DET Diagnostic Kit v2

This new collection includes updated immediate action tools, remote in-extremis tools, lightweight manual and power access tools, and electronic diagnostic equipment. It offers operators a customizable, modular, and portable system suitable for all types of downrange mounted or dismounted scenarios.


The 1st Line v2 (1Line v2) provides operators with a lightweight kit that enhances the capabilities of the Rapid Action Kit (RAK) without redundancy. Designed for situations where space is limited and carrying 2nd line tools, such as those in the Manual Access Kit v2 (MAK v2) or the Power Access Kit v2 (PAK v2), is impractical, the 1st Line v2 offers a practical solution. This kit includes slightly heavier hand and cutting tools than those found in the RAK, giving operators more options for securing and inspecting devices to render safe and access operations.

Rapid Action Kit


The Rapid Action Kit (RAK) is an assault-style kit designed for quick access when attached to Load-Bearing Equipment (LBE). Equipped with tools for immediate action and remote in-extremis pull (RIP) scenarios, the RAK is crafted by Tactical Electronics’ EOD trainers and SMEs to swiftly address a variety of situations a dismounted operator might face on the modern battlefield. It provides essential tools before needing to reach for 1st or 2nd line tools in a backpack or when those tools are out of reach. The RAK is designed to be jumpable when attached to LBE, fit into a BDU cargo pocket, and is a crucial component of every EOD tech’s rapid action load-out. It eliminates the need to carry both a RIP and an Immediate Action Pouch (IAP).


The Accessories Kit contains additional items to supplement immediate render safe operations or to replace expendable items used elsewhere in the 2nd Line Elite. It includes 200 feet (60m) of extra cordage, carabiners, batteries, blades, hook knives, and adds a mini breakaway pulley and lightweight tent stakes to the 2nd Line Elite.

Accessory Kit


The Manual Access Kit V2 contains manual hand tools only and is designed for use when 1st line tools are not enough to stabilize, gain entry, or perform more complicated tasks. The bag itself has been redesigned from previous versions to include several detachable inner pouches secured by hook-and-loop, including a “grab-and-go” 1-minute Epoxy zipper pouch. Unnecessary material has been removed resulting in a lighter weight bag from previous versions.


It contains cordless 12V drill and rotary power tools with a wide assortment of wood, metal, plastic, hole, and other drill and cut-off bits. The PAK v2 is designed for use when 1st line or manual tools are not enough to gain access in more complex situations. The bag itself has been redesigned from previous versions to include a zipper sleeve to hold bits securely.


The DDK v2 gives operators the tools necessary to safely perform electronic diagnostics. The DDK v2 includes 6 probe Wire Attack Special Purpose Probes (WASPP) for non-invasive electrical measurements. Available with a 6 or 12-probe WASPP in black or multi-color. The modular design provides increased kitting flexibility and better functionality to the EOD Operator.

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