Inertial Navigation Systems by Safran Electronics

Safran’s Epsilon™ and Geonyx™ are two inertial navigation systems based on a new generation gyroscope technology: resonator gyroscopes. This technology has already proven its superiority in terms of performance, robustness, SWAP-C and unmatched reliability in all environments. With the Epsilon™ and Geonyx™ family, Safran offers hybrid INS/GNSS land navigation systems with sustainable performance. Even in a non-GNSS environment, Epsilon™ provides accurate position and heading for hours thanks to the exceptional inertial performance of the Quapason™. 

The Geonyx™ family is designed for three main applications: navigation, target geolocation and artillery pointing. Capable of operating in extreme conditions and in a complete GNSS denied environment, Geonyx™ is highly reliable. 

Geonyx’s™ pointing accuracy is first-rate in the most difficult conditions and offers the shortest alignment time on the market, regardless of the configuration (with or without hybridization). Geonyx™ has been qualified on both tracked and wheeled platforms including numerous howitzers, mortars, and sighting systems. Thanks to HRG Crystal technology, Geonyx’s™ is totally insensitive to the vibrations and shocks of artillery weapons, giving it a virtually unlimited and maintenance-free life.

Epsilon and Geonyx

Epsilon™ can also be integrated with small calibre guns like the RCWS to provide precision pointing. Versatile, the Epsilon™ family provides advanced applications, even in a private GNSS environment: navigation (position and heading), aiming aid, and driving aid. It covers all tactical applications, from logistics to infantry fighting vehicles, including the main battle tanks.


Epsilon™ is connectable to any combat management system and totally is immune to magnetic disturbances. With advanced resonator gyroscopes, the Epsilon™ XP systems provides advanced navigation capabilities without any dependence on GNSS (NAVWAR capability). The versatile Epsilon™ family integrates with all land-based platforms, from artillery to logistics; it has already been qualified on both wheeled and tracked platforms. 

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