V-Lite Multi-Color – A simple and intuitive alternative to chemlight

S&S Precision develops and produces elite industry-leading equipment for the military. Their mission is to provide exceptional performance solutions. With the latest manufacturing techniques and first-class materials, they develop product solutions for Military Units, Federal Government, and Law Enforcement Professionals. Their productions involve specialized gear and equipment for tactical and operational missions for elite forces […]

SPUR Mini – Squad Packable Utility Robot

QinetiQ was founded in July 2001 as a government-owned company called the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). Later on, it was privatized and became QinetiQ in 2002. QinetiQ provides innovative solutions to real-world problems and with their technical expertise, they support defense and security missions. They are well known for their defense technology, electronics, […]

The Suppressor Cleaner from Breakthrough Clean Technologies

Breakthrough Clean Technologies is a company that is specialized in producing cleaning and maintenance products for firearms, including rifles, handguns, and other types of weapons or components. The company is known for its innovative and environmentally friendly approach to firearm cleaning, utilizing water-based and non-toxic solutions in their products. Despite that, there products are still […]

Crye Precision´s JPC 2.0 Swimmer Cut

The JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) 2.0 Swimmer Cut is a lightweight, minimal armor vest. Its design ensures the wearer maximum mobility, weight savings, and packability. Due to its variety of configuration options, it caters to the specific requirements of operators regarding protection, modularity, and comfort. The carrier incorporates the innovative Skeletal Cummerbund System of Crye […]

SureFire’s legacy as the innovator in tactical illumination

The Laser Products Corporation Model 310 is a dedicated handgun weapon light that was a game-changing product for weapon-mounted tactical lighting from the moment it was introduced.Dr. John Matthews is the founder and president of Laser Products Corporation. The primary reason was to create life-saving products for those who go into harm’s way. In 1985 […]


Gentex Corporation is well-known for advanced personal protection equipment, including ballistic helmets, respiratory protection systems, and other military and law enforcement gear. Ops-Core is a brand under Gentex Corporation that focuses on producing high-performance helmets and headgear for tactical and special operations use. Previous Next Ops-Core introduced the RAILINK System for FAST HELMET Systems to […]

Ghost 4: The most intelligent VTOL sUAS

The battlefield has changed. Security threats are evolving at machine speed. How we deter & defend needs to change too. Anduril understands this challenge exceptionally well. Anduril is aimed at putting products ahead of processes and building technology for the U.S. and it’s NATO-allies. Today we’re highlighting Anduril’s Ghost 4. Anduril designed and manufactured the Ghost […]

Centanex screening smoke hand grenade

CTX Screening Smoke Device (CTX-SMK-SCR)

Centanex is a specialist brand of GMK Limited. Centanex´s products are designed to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of Police and Military forces both in the UK and Internationally for high-quality, accurate, safe, and cost-effective Pyrotechnic solutions. One of the products within Centanex’s product range is their Screening Smoke Hand Grenades. The purpose of […]

Crye Precision’s LVS System

The LVS systems set the standard for concealable body armor. Through Crye Precision’s exclusive three-dimensional forming technology, they could precisely shape the vest to align with the natural curves of the human body perfectly. This groundbreaking production process ensures an unparalleled level of concealment and comfort. Unlike traditional armor, this molded design prevents the armor […]

Skydio X2D turns every operator into an expert pilot

Skydio is a company that creates advanced small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for consumers, enterprises, defense agencies, and law enforcement agencies. Their aircraft contain built-in artificial intelligence for unmatched obstacle avoidance and breakthrough autonomous workflows. The products are easy to use, can be trusted and a program can be built around. Drones have made significant […]