FirstSpear: Built for the X

Founded in 2010 by a team of experienced industry professionals and former U.S. servicemen, FirstSpear is focused on the rapid design, development and delivery of Integrated Personal Protective Equipment and Enhanced Load Carriage Solutions for warfighters and professional users, providing our men and women in uniform the next generation of mission-critical equipage.  An ambitious mandate […]

Dealership Agreement with Halite

We are pleased to announce that COBBS is appointed as Halite’s dealer for the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Halite complements our strong Soldier Systems & Protection portfolio, helping us to ensure we can give the man on the ground the advantage. Halite is a Norwegian SOF veteran-owned business, dedicated to develop uncompromising gear for the modern […]

Safran Electronics & Defense – Powered by trust

Safran’s history starts in 1925 with the creation of “Société d’Applications Générales d’Electricité et de Mécanique” (Sagem) by Marcel Môme. Sagem started with developing gyro-compasses for naval ships and infrared applications. Counting on many inventions and developments, Sagem merged with Snecma in 2005 to create Safran. Since then, Safran has executed numerous acquisitions in order […]


We are pleased to announce that COBBS is appointed as Trango Systems’ exclusive distributor for the Netherlands. Trango Systems complements our strong Weapon Systems & Optics portfolio, helping us to ensure the man on the ground’s operational and effective capability for all known threat situations. Trango Systems is a security solutions provider specializing in force […]

Beretta: Human Technology

Based in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, Beretta has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing firearms for the Military and Law Enforcement markets. So much so, that the very first proof of existence of the company is a military contract that dates back to 1526 for the Arsenal of Venice. The logo of the company […]

NFM: “To Protect those who protect us”: the history behind NFM Group

NFM had a very humble beginning, starting 25 years ago in a basement living room in a private house in Ski – which is south of Oslo in Norway. Today, the NFM Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment to the military and the police. Business idea: to protect those who protect us. […]

The Silver Bullet Golf Event

For the first time, COBBS Industries and Commando & Family Foundation (CFF) are jointly organizing the Silver Bullet Golf Event to support our Special Forces and their families. At the Silver Bullet Golf Event, 100% of the entry fee goes to the Commando & Family Foundation. The Silver Bullet Event Golf event will be rescheduled […]

Operator training on QinetiQ’s Dragon Runner 20

Customer support is a key element of our service. At COBBS we have become adept at supporting our customers in understanding what their operational needs are, including providing necessary product training. Recently COBBS, together with QinetiQ, hosted a training event for Engineers of the Royal Dutch Army on the Dragon Runner 20. The Engineers recently […]


We are pleased to announce that COBBS is appointed as DefendTex’ exclusive distributor for the BeNeLux region. DefendTex complements our strong Unmanned Systems & Sensors portfolio, helping us to provide the men on the ground with effective solutions to enhance their safety and fighting capabilities. DefendTex is recognised as one of the most innovative defence […]

Ops-Core Rifle Threat Helmets

The Ops-Core R1 is the first in a range of rifle protective helmets to be commercially offered by Gentex. Gentex has supplied over 100.000 rifle protective helmets to customers worldwide. It builds on proven and fielded ballistic solutions and incorporates leading edge Gentex / Ops-Core innovations in protection, comfort, stability and modularity. The Ops-Core R1 […]