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In this month’s Product Focus series, we highlight Timilon Corporation and Timilon’s solution FAST-ACT, a world-class decontaminant with applications in all domains of CBRNe, Hazmat, Narcotics, laboratories, industrial and production facilities. Wherever there might be a potential hazardous threat, FAST-ACT has a fitting solution to engage and neutralize that threat.

In the video “Hazmat Decontamination”, a review of FAST-ACT’s products are explained by letting the product speak for itself. The ease of use and a wide variety of applications is what makes FAST-ACT so powerful. FAST-ACT has answers to any hazardous situation, making it one of the most effective decontaminants in this domain today.

Timilon Corporation
Timilon is an innovative and rapidly growing company focused on personal air quality, surface decontamination, commercial and residential deodorizers, and engineered solutions.  The company provides NanoActive® Technology with the ability to destroy, neutralize, eliminate, and/or protect against a wide variety of toxic chemicals, noxious odors, and biological hazards.

First Applied Sorbent Treatment Against Chemical Threats (FAST-ACT)
Decontaminate + Contain + Neutralize
FAST-ACT immediately decontaminates, contains, or neutralizes acids, bases, and other chemical hazards (including CWAs) – safely and in a single response tool. FAST-ACT provides safety benefits beyond traditional measures. The broad range of utilities makes FAST-ACT a valuable tool for a variety of environments, including public and commercial transportation, government facilities, laboratories, production facilities, shopping and entertainment venues, police, fire, and other emergency response, healthcare facilities, any place where hazardous chemicals are a potential threat.

What is FAST-ACT?
The technology is a high surface area metal oxide blend.  Metal oxides inherently have some chemical breakdown ability, but through proprietary processes, we can greatly enhance that ability. These materials have very irregular shapes and high pore structures.  The technology when it comes into contact with the chemical brings it onto the surface and into the pores of the earth’s mineral material.

At this point, an interaction (such as a chemical mechanism) can occur.  For some chemicals, this is more of physical interaction and then for some chemicals, there is physical and chemical interaction.

Removal of Vapor Hazards
FAST-ACT was tested for the removal of vapor hazards such as GB (sarin), anhydrous ammonia (USACHPPM Toxic Industrial Chemical List, Second Hand Smoke Component, considered as a choking agent); chlorine (TOP 25 Hazardous Commodities 1998 List, choking agent); ethylene oxide (USACHPPM Toxic Industrial Chemical List), hydrogen chloride (USACHPPM Toxic Industrial Chemical List, also considered a blood agent); nitrogen dioxide (USACHPPM Toxic Industrial Chemical List) and sulfur dioxide (USACHPPM Toxic Industrial Chemical List).

Containment & Neutralization
Furthermore, it can be used at contamination densities that are much higher than the current NATO testing protocols.

Clandestine drug labs
Although the chemicals used in these clandestine drug labs vary widely, the highly toxic and volatile nature of these components requires law enforcement and Emergency Responders to treat every call with the utmost caution and personal protection. FAST-ACT offers a level of protection to Emergency Responders that has never existed before.

Extensive live agent testing (in laboratory and field settings) has shown that FAST-ACT can be used at NATO Immediate, Operational and Thorough levels of decontamination, as either the main decontamination chemical or as a complementary tool to successfully decontaminate surfaces, equipment, and human skin. Test results with nerve and blister agents (two main groups of chemical warfare agents) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) demonstrate why FAST-ACT can be used safely and efficiently for decontamination. FAST-ACT complements wet decontamination systems at some NATO decontamination levels and operators can use FAST-ACT and fulfill the residual contamination safety requirements at decontamination levels as per the NATO standard AEP-58.

Removal of Unknown Chemicals & Substances
FAST-ACT can be used for the removal and neutralization of substances of liquid and vapor forms. This is crucial when dealing with life-safety applications and when chemical detection is not possible. Once deployed and the chemical agent has been neutralized and contained- because of the known behavior of the FAST-ACT technology. Forensic teams can come in post-decontamination and gather samples for chemical and forensic analysis.

What’s so special about FAST-ACT?

  • Works on Acids, Bases, Organic, and Halogen compounds
  • Works on Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Chemical Warfare Agents
  • All units are ready-to-use, no premixing or preparation
  • Immediately neutralizes, adsorps, or contains on contact
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, environmentally friendly
  • Powder Products have a 5-year shelf life
  • As packaged temperatures: Pressurized Cylinders -40°C to 49° ; Pails, Shakers, and Mitts -40°C to 120°C
  • The FAST-ACT Powder can be subjected to temperatures higher and lower than the packaged product: -100°C to 200°C
  • Intact forensic analysis after decontamination of a site
  • Waste management optimization

Taking all aspects of decontamination into account, the easy-to-use and powerful FAST-ACT has an answer to every challenge in hazardous situations. This is why we see FAST-ACT is of great importance to our customers.

COBBS is active in the field of CBRN with solutions for Detection, Identification, and Monitoring (DIM) via Robotic platforms, to create stand-off and safety for users. Clearing the path for the man on the ground, detection comes with a need to act once a threat is detected. FAST-ACT is a quick and easy-to-use solution that any person can use. Soldiers, Police Narcotics teams, Firefighters, petrochemical companies, and even people with no CBRNe-training can use FAST-ACT to contain chemical threats.

At COBBS, we define mission success by the goals achieved and the lives saved by using smart and innovative solutions that assist in the most precarious situations. FAST-ACT is such a solution that can readily be applied when a hazardous situation is encountered. It is at these critical moments that mission success is determined. The family of solutions of FAST-ACT complements every user, whether on foot, in a vehicle or a building, there is a FAST-ACT solution tailored for any environment.

Want to learn more about how FAST-ACT works and see it in action? Put us up to the test! We’ll gladly show you how FAST-ACT works: Request Intel.

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