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Founded in 2010 by a team of experienced industry professionals and former U.S. servicemen, FirstSpear is focused on the rapid design, development and delivery of Integrated Personal Protective Equipment and Enhanced Load Carriage Solutions for warfighters and professional users, providing our men and women in uniform the next generation of mission-critical equipage.  An ambitious mandate demands branding that harnesses the company’s ethos, and “FirstSpear” is the translated namesake of the Primus Pilus, the Senior Centurion of a Roman Legion. FirstSpear dedicates their efforts to present-day Centurions, the men and women on the ground willing to sacrifice to preserve our heritage and secure our future. Located in metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri, with 20,000 sq. feet of operating capacity, a robust supply chain, strategic industry partners, automated machinery and an experienced workforce in excess of 100 employees, FirstSpear has the manufacturing and design capability to quickly respond to user needs.

FirstSpear’s founders have a legacy of designing, developing and producing some of the most widely used and sought after tactical equipment for military and law enforcement. Based upon an unsurpassed understanding of operational requirements and dedication to ensuring high-speed fielding, FirstSpear has a unique capability for custom product design and innovative manufacturing.  Built to meet the highest quality standards, FirstSpear’s products are engineered to be light weight, withstand harsh combat conditions, and maintain their durability over time, no matter the mission.

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COBBS Industries is First Spear’s distributor for the Benelux market. The strength of our partnership lies in the ability to offer tailored solutions to meet (or exceed) the specific needs of our Benelux Police and Defense customers in the field of Soldier Systems and Protection. Especially on the Special Forces Maritime applications we have strong support from the community for Firstpear due to their elaborate and modular maritime product suite. Since all of FirstSpear’s products are built in-house at their facility in Fenton Missouri, First Spear has a lot of capabilities for bespoke projects.

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