Gather the intel you need with the K9-XR CAMERA

The K9-XR Camera of Tactical Electronics stands out as an advanced extended-range camera system, streaming live video and audio directly to the K9 handler. This system is ideal for military working dogs, Police K9, and Urban Search and Rescue K9 teams. With your canine at a distance of up to 450 meters away, you can easily receive video/audio on the K9-XR Monitor that will display a real-time color and thermal video directly from the K9-XR Camera. Handlers can switch between the color and thermal cameras remotely by pressing the view button on the K9-XR Monitor.

The camera mounts to the K9’s vest using MOLLE and Velcro attachments. With the two-way audio functionality, handlers can give commands and listen to both the canine and potential suspects, making use of the convenient “Push to Talk” feature.

The K9-XR Camera integrates a low-light color camera with high-intensity visible and IR LEDs, delivering exceptional vision in extremely low-light conditions. Additionally, it features a white-hot thermal camera for identifying concealed heat signatures.

The camera arm features a spring-loaded mechanism, enabling canines to navigate through narrow spaces and obstacles with ease. The internal DVR records both audio and video directly onto a micro SD card. K9 handlers have the capability to observe live video from the dog’s perspective while simultaneously recording footage for evidence collection and training purposes.

The K9-XR Camera’s foldaway camera neck and detachable antennas contribute to its compact design, facilitating convenient transportation in either a soft carry or hard case.


450m video & audio transmission

Integrated LWIR thermal imager

640 x 480px color video

Records video & audio to MicroSD card

2 visible & 2 IR high-intensity LEDs


256-bit AES video & audio encryption

Omni-directional microphone records audio

MOLLE and Velcro mounting attachment

Instantly record a still image of live video

View push buttons in low light

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