Ghost 4: The most intelligent VTOL sUAS

The battlefield has changed. Security threats are evolving at machine speed. How we deter & defend needs to change too. Anduril understands this challenge exceptionally well. Anduril is aimed at putting products ahead of processes and building technology for the U.S. and it’s NATO-allies. Today we’re highlighting Anduril’s Ghost 4.

Anduril designed and manufactured the Ghost 4 to meet the unique demands of military users. It is one of the most intelligent VTOL small unmanned autonomous system (sUAS) at this moment. Ghost’s single-rotor design enables Vertical Take-Off and precise Landing in confined spaces. Ghost operates on Anduril’s secure Lattice software platform. It provides real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities that give the operators enough information to make the right decisions.

Ghost is a versatile and portable unmanned aerial system with multi-mission capabilities, including aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, cargo delivery, counter intrusion, signals intelligence, and electronic warfare. Equipped with an EO/IR gimbal Ghost can accommodate various mission payloads simultaneously. These include sensor gimbals, electronic warfare systems, spotlights, designators, communication relays, even speakers, providing enhanced versatility for a wide range of operations onboard the aircraft.


Ghost is a man-portable system that can be assembled and readied for flight by a single operator in less than 3 minutes. Ghost is waterproof, weatherproof, and multi-mission capable.

Future Proof Rapid Customization

Ghost is designed for easy payload integration and field maintenance. Networked payload bays and quick-release gimbal allow quick module change in the field and safe handling of sensitive components.


The most intelligent VTOL Group 2 sUAS

With real-time intelligence, surveillance and multi-mission reconnaissance capabilities, up to 55 minutes of continuous flight and near-silent acoustics, Ghost is mission ready.

Point and Click Mission Planning

Plan missions, flight operations, task sensors and navigate all with the click of a button, enabling safe and effective flight with minimal instruction and training.

Its advanced all-electric powertrain that allows for over 55 minutes of flight time, even when carrying a full mission payload, and it operates with a nearly silent acoustic signature. Ghost is water- and weatherproof and can be assembled and prepared for flight by one operator in less than 3 minutes. The sUAS can withstand the most demanding conditions and challenging flight environments since the airframe is made in such a way that it can withstand mud, freshwater, saltwater, and water from up to one meter deep. The metal chassis, frame, and payloads can withstand environmental stressors without interruption to the mission.

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Ghost is highly intelligent, totally autonomous, and capable of performing complex missions and presenting all actionable data to a single operator without increasing their cognitive load. Its Lattice AI Core can perform 32 trillion operations per second. This is almost 100 times faster than the computational speed of other sUAS. By utilizing the Lattice AI Core Ghost can process computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms directly. This way, Ghost can efficiently detect, classify, and track objects of interest in low-bandwidth and challenging environments while maintaining a minimal radio frequency signature.

Ghost is highly portable since mission data is processed using Ghost’s onboard AI. Operators only need a laptop or mobile device paired with a small ground control station to fully utilize Ghost. Configurations can be made to make Ghost fly on a local, secure, closed-loop network or for operations on an encrypted backhauled network. With these configurations, the sUAS can be operated remotely during operations. Commanders can access data and live feeds, enabling them to monitor the progress of the mission in real time. Furthermore, Ghost is capable of autonomously collaborating with other Ghosts. If one Ghost is, for example, low on battery, another one is cued to take over the assigned mission without the need for any human intervention.

Technical Specifications

Aircraft Weight

37 lbs in base configuration

Flight Time

Up to 55 minutes


25 km

Wind Tolerance

35 knts

Temperature Limits

-40 to 113 F / -40 to 45 C

Altitude Limits

12,000 ft / 3650 m DA

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