Halite’s two-bag system sleeping bags

Halite is a small SOF (Special Operations Forces) veteran-owned business located in Norway. They create and develop high-quality task-driven gear. Their products are solutions to problems during military missions or challenging adventures in the most remote places in the world. With a team consisting of veterans, explorers, designers, and outdoor enthusiasts, they can create the most suitable product solutions for the end users. They create sleeping bag systems that help people stay warm, dry and safe while fighting the elements.

Using modern technology, their knowledge and experience, they can make extremely efficient systems to provide their users with great products. The best and most durable materials are used and products are tested under extreme circumstances to ensure the best quality.

Halite Two-Bag System

Halite created a two-bag system sleeping bag that solves many of the problems users nowadays are experiencing with sleeping bags. Using layering and the synergy this provides due to an increased heat-to-weight ratio. The Overbag Pro from Halite goes over the inner bag of choice for a drier sleeping bag. This will move the dew point away from your sleeping bag and into the hydrophobic Climashield® APEX insulation. Depending on your mission and needs Halites sleepings bag can be used separately or together. The inner bag Halite recommends is the Recce bag. This is made of the synthetic material Climashield® APEX with Aquaban® technology and is one of the warmest hydrophobic insulation materials. The outer fabric is made of hyper-breathable Quantum Pertex.

The Overbag Pro has a dual-zip function, two long zippers allow you to ventilate the top part of the bag and also increase the insulation in the foot piece with the open flap. The huge size of the bag makes it possible to wear all your gear and even allows you to fit a sleeping mat inside.
The Overbags are available in several designs and there is also a light version available. The Overbag Light saves in weight and pack size. The Overbag Light adds 10 degrees Celsius to your sleeping bag system and the Overbag Pro adds approximately 14 degrees Celsius. The Overbag Light should not be used alone, it is strictly a booster for 3-season to expedition bags.
Inside the hood of the Overbag is a compartment that is perfect for putting your jacket in to create a comfortable pillow.

When you are thinking of buying a new sleeping bag, you have to decide if the insulation material has to be down or synthetic. Halite’s Recce Down 3 Sierra and 4 Sierra are the best options if you consider 850 FP Goose down as the right insulation for your needs. The Overbag Pro is insulated with the synthetic Climashield® APEX with Aquaban®  DWR technology.  

Eventually, your choice of system and bag is dependent on your expected exposure. Factors such as climate, duration, temperature, comfort needs, bivouac solution, and mobility all factor in when you chose the right bag for a specific mission. 

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