The Fenris Recon 90 Pro Multicam is a low-profile, robust, weatherproof, and versatile bag designed to accompany you on all your adventures. Crafted with precision, this backpack boasts an airtight seal, ensuring your gear stays dry and protected from the elements. Its streamlined profile sits close to your back, providing stability and comfort during long treks. Carefully positioned foam panels shield your back from uncomfortable pressure points, enhancing your journey’s comfort.

Halite Fenris

Fenris Recon 90 Pro is equipped with a 100% airtight and waterproof diving zipper, therefore setting the gear protection standard. It is seamlessly RF welded and devoid of stitches, it guarantees submersion resistance, buoyancy, and the option for vacuum compression, all while safeguarding your belongings from water and dust.

The inclusion of a Halkey Roberts valve empowers you to inflate or deflate the bag underwater without compromising its integrity. This innovative feature enhances versatility and aids in distributing external pressure and shielding delicate equipment and gear.

Constructed from high-tenacity 6.6 nylon yarn in varying thicknesses, the Fenris Recon perfectly balances durability, UV resistance, and weight efficiency.

Whether facing harsh conditions or embarking on a lightweight journey, this bag ensures your gear remains safeguarded without adding unnecessary bulk. Weighing a mere 1750g and boasting dimensions of L70 × W43 × H32 cm, the Fenris Recon offers enough space without sacrificing portability. Its design features include two carry handles, daisy chains for swift attachment, and adjustable, detachable shoulder straps. Additionally, the Fenris Recon 90 Pro features a secure and lockable zipper head, a Tizip MasterSeal #10 zipper, and a double-sided TPU laminate coating.

Whether traversing rugged terrain or navigating urban landscapes, the Fenris Recon stands ready to accompany you on every expedition, ensuring your gear remains safe, dry, and accessible throughout the journey.

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