HEL-STAR 4 and 5 EXO: Innovative Solutions for Law Enforcement and K9 Teams

CORE Survival designs cutting-edge products that originate directly from the insights, expertise, and future requirements recognized by engaged users in the field. These products are tailored to empower remarkable individuals, streamlining their tasks and significantly enhancing safety measures. Using CORE Survival’s products means investing in the highest standards of quality and innovation, designed to withstand the rigors of challenging environments.


The HEL-STAR 4 EXO and HEL-STAR 5 EXO emerged from direct engagement with end-users. Initially developed for the HAHO/HALO community as streamlined alternatives to bulky strobe lights and chemical sticks, these sleek, lightweight designs seamlessly integrate with helmets for enhanced safety and hassle-free installation. The HEL-STAR EXO Series supersedes the original models, featuring a more compact yet durable build, intensified light emission, and enhanced waterproofing capabilities.

HEL-STAR 4 EXO and HEL-STAR 5 EXO offer specific functionalities suited for various operational contexts, from MFF/Airborne applications to tactical and SAR operations, providing critical lighting solutions that can be the difference between success and failure in mission-critical situations.

Hel-star 4 and 5 EXO for Law Enforcement

Both working on a field-replaceable lithium 123 battery, requiring no tools for replacement, ensures prolonged performance even in extreme temperature conditions.


The HEL-STAR 4 EXO is a two-function tactical light for MFF/Airborne, SAR, K9 & other Tactical Operations.

Hel-star 4 and 5 EXO for Tactile Operations

Tactile Operation

Switches are engineered to be easily operated by a gloved hand, even in low visibility conditions, while wearing a helmet.


Flexible & Secure

The HEL-STAR 4 EXO marker light offers flexible mounting options, easily conforming to fit wherever necessary. Ideal for tight spaces and K9 applications.

Hel-star 4 and 5 EXO for Extreme Operations

Operating Extremes

The HEL-STAR 4 EXO boasts shock and vibration resistance, along with dustproof and open-sea waterproof capabilities up to 66 feet of seawater.

HEL-STAR 4 EXO represents a substantial enhancement over its forerunner, HEL-STAR 4, offering superior visibility, durability, water resistance, and compactness. Users can customize its two operating functions with various colors (green, blue, red, white), infrared options, flash rates, and light intensities. It maintains the original low-profile design tailored for airborne, search and rescue (SAR), K9, and other confined space operations.

Its optional field reprogrammable capability can be activated with just the Program Interface Module (PIM) and a laptop. This distinctive feature empowers users to conveniently adjust their lights to accommodate evolving operational requirements while on-site.

HEL-STAR 5 EXO for Law Enforcement & K9

HEL-STAR 5 EXO is developed specifically with canine officers on their specific needs and requirements to mark their dogs. HEL-STAR 5 EXO is crafted with enhanced visibility, durability, and water resistance, alongside reduced weight and a notably smaller size. Its helmet-friendly design is tailored to flex and conform, catering to diverse mounting needs. Unlike the HEL-STAR 4 EXO, the HEL-STAR 5 EXO is a three-function helmet-mounted light. Similar to the HEL-STAR 4 EXO, the HEL-STAR 5 EXO can emit visible light in green, blue, red, or white, as well as infrared (IR). It also offers various intensity settings including dim, standard, bright, and bright plus. Additionally, it features a steady flash mode of 60 flashes per minute, a NATO flash mode of 30 flashes per minute, and a Morse code flash mode that allows you to create a unique light pattern to distinguish your signal from others.

The Velcro interface includes an emergency peel-away feature, reducing the risk of injury by avoiding interference with parachute risers. Additionally, the light can be easily attached to a canine’s harness, collar, or vest.

Optimizing Operational Effectiveness

Just like every other product of CORE Survival, the HEL-STAR 4 and 5 EXO are products that embody CORE Survival’s mission to equip exceptional individuals with gear that makes their jobs not only easier but also safer, reflecting a deep understanding of the challenges faced in high-stakes environments. Whether it’s for rescue swimmers, pararescue operations, fire rescue, ski patrol, or avalanche recovery, CORE Survival provides a robust portfolio of products engineered to enhance operational capabilities and safety.

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