CORE Survival creates effective and innovative products inspired by the insights, expertise, and future requirements identified by engaged users in the respective field. Within the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, they were fortunate to engage with users, actively listen, and provide innovative solutions to tackle longstanding challenges. CORE Survival produces products that are designed to help exceptional people – by making their jobs a little easier, and a whole lot safer.

CORE Survival’s HEL-STAR products offer an array of cutting-edge products tailored specifically for rescue swimmers.


Illuminate Rescue Swimmers

Use HEL-STAR to light up rescue efforts. Waterborne teams benefit from the bright marker lights.


Waterproof & Shock Resistant

Dustproof, Shock/Vibration Resistant & Waterproof HEL-STAR 6 up to 130ft & HEL-STAR EXO up to 66ft.

Easy to Use

Easy to use, Easy to Operate

Multi-Function lights, programmable designed for easy use while gloved or in challenging movements.

These Multi-Function Lights boast omnidirectional visibility, ensuring optimal safety in diverse rescue scenarios. The compact and sleek design incorporates integrated tie-downs and facilitates easy battery replacement. The enhanced tactile operation of these lights provides precise control over modes and functions, enhancing the user experience in critical situations.

Additionally, the Field Reprogramming feature, facilitated by the Program Interface Module (PIM), allows for on-the-fly adjustments to meet evolving mission requirements. User customization allows individuals to personalize colors, flash patterns, and intensity according to their preferences and operational needs. Waterproof capabilities, with HEL-STAR 6 boasting a depth rating of 130 ft and the HEL-STAR EXO at 66 ft, ensuring reliable performance in aquatic environments.
Moreover, the EXO products are dustproof and resistant to shock and vibration, guaranteeing durability in challenging conditions.

Rescue Swimmer


Is the latest in the series of HEL-STAR 6 marker lights designed to support operations in extreme conditions. HEL-STAR 6 provides users with the flexibility of four customizable functions distributed across two selectable operating modes. These functions are available in a range of colors, namely white, green, blue, red, and infrared, with options for both steady and flashing modes. The device also offers a diverse set of flash patterns, including the capability to transmit Morse Code letters.

Hel-Star 6

The unique battery access design provides a curved profile on all sides, minimizing snag hazards. Velcro attachment provides emergency peel-away from the helmet to reduce the potential for snag-related injury. The light is Omni-directional and intensities can be scaled up or down for special requirements. White flash exceeds FAA 3-statute mile requirements. HEL-STAR 6 is shock and vibration-resistant, dustproof, and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet).


Hel-Star 5 EXO

The HEL-STAR EXO 4 and EXO 5 is a low profile two-function (EXO 4) or three-function (EXO 5) marker light that is capable of visible lighting in green, blue, red, or white and IR in either near IR or sphere spectrum using multiple frequencies. They offer high visibility, and durability, and are waterproof for operations at 66 feet plus. Easy battery replacement in a low profile, snag-free footprint. Users have the flexibility to define the operating functions with a range of color options, infrared capabilities, flash rates, and light intensity settings.

It maintains the inherent low-profile design, making it suitable for rescue missions, airborne activities, K9 operations, and other confined space tasks. Their velcro attachment provides an emergency break-away feature, reducing the potential for injury caused by for example interference with parachute risers.


There are a lot of benefits to using the HEL-STAR rescue swimmer marking lights during missions or training:

  • Identification: Easily identify personnel, survivors, and K9s, or mark support positions in various scenarios.
  • Medical Attention Signaling: Enable downed personnel to indicate their need for medical attention, facilitating Rapid Fielding Team (RFT) identification on approach.
  • Team Labeling: Label different teams and K9s in diverse environments, providing real-time Tactical Operations Center (TOC) intelligence.
  • Team Tracking: Facilitate team tracking using Night Observation Devices (NODS), rescue overwatch, or helicopters from above.
  • Diver Monitoring: Monitor and distinguish between divers during Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.
  • Training and Range Use: Utilize the lights during training and on the range for enhanced visibility and safety.
  • Marking/Identification: Mark and identify personnel, contributing to increased safety and situational awareness in various operational contexts.

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