How does laser ranging technology improve Safran’s Counter-UAV system?

Laser telemetry is an effective drone defense solution that must detect, track, and take action against hostile drones. For successful drone countermeasures, reliable real-time tracking data is especially important. After all, only if you know the exact location of a drone can you take appropriate action. Laser rangefinder technology is dedicated to drone countermeasure, capable of accurately tracking a moving drone or stray munition.


This new Safran Counter-UAV module is able to track a small drone within a radius of 1 to 2 km with an accuracy of 1 m. Thanks to a 5 times higher beam divergence, the LRF finds a drone 5 times easier than a standard LRF. The measuring frequency of 20 Hz allows to track drones at a speed of 50 to 70 km/h. In addition, the LRF works with optimized receiving optics that can perfectly handle the strong ambient light in the sky.

The advantages for the tracking of Counter-UAV are the following.

  • The high accuracy of the distance measurement, allows a reliable calculation of the position.
  • Real-time measurement frequencies, up to 20Hz, make it an ideal tool for tracking. What makes i ideal for fast calculation of position and flight path.

The advantages over standard LRF module:

  • Innovative LRF receiver optimized for bright skies.
  • Succesful drone targeting with large beam divergence.

It is therefore ideal for fast calculation of position and flight path. It is recommended in combination with a pan/tilt camera for image tracking. Especially in critical situations, accurate distance measurement is essential for reliable targeting of firearms. This is why laser rangefinders are standard military equipment in many defense forces around the world.

Today, accurate distance measurement is essential for target observation and location. To ensure that this works smoothly, even under difficult conditions, Safran Vectronix offers a wide range of sophisticated products for military observation and defense: From extremely light yet rugged weapon-, vehicle- or helmet-mounted rangefinders or hand-held rangefinders to complex yet compact observation systems.


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