JIM Compact and TOTEM: Revolutionizing Precision Targeting

Safran has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the field of optics. Among their impressive products, the JIM Compact binoculars stand out as a great example of precision engineering and exceptional quality. JIM Compact is a lightweight (less than 2 kg with batteries), multifunctional, long-range binocular system. These binoculars strike a perfect balance between performance and portability. Because of their lightweight sleek and ergonomic design, they slip effortlessly into your bag or pocket. Also, they can withstand rough conditions due to their rugged exterior and water-resistant properties, ensuring you to use them in various weather conditions without worry.

The JIM Compact has been designed together with the armed forces. So it provides solutions based on customers’ needs, focused on special forces, forward observers, infantrymen, artillerymen, coast guards, border guards, and law enforcement agencies. With its intuitive, robust, and modular design, the JIM Compact equips land and special operations forces with the essential tools to elevate their situational awareness in any scenario day or night.

Safran’s JIM LR was already a best-selling successor, but the JIM Compact offers even more advanced capabilities. The JIM Compact has a low-light sensor, and cooled infrared, and daytime sensors already used on the original JIM LR long-range binoculars.

Low Light Camera: The LLL CMOS sensor (1280 × 1024 SXGA) improves detection and identification in twilight and weak light conditions. The LLL channel can also be used for near IR and 1064 nm laser spotting.

Color Day: The HDTV sensor resolution (14 Megapixels) provides a dual field of view with continuous digital zoom up to ×28 (NFOV×4) enabling you to assess situations with your own eyes, independently of digital systems. The HDTV channel is especially suitable for observation and identification purposes during the day.

Thermal Cooled Imager: The cooled IR sensor (640 × 480 VGA) provides a continuous hybrid zoom up to ×28. The IR channel is usable 24/7 day and night in all weather conditions for observation and identification.

Operators can also take advantage of extended observation and unveiling (de camouflage) capabilities, made possible through channel fusion modes (DAY/TI or LLL/TI). Merging the Thermal and Low Light Level channels grants a round-the-clock ability to spot targets in diverse environments.

For accurate target location, the JIM Compact is integrated with an eye-safe laser rangefinder with an effective range of more than 12 km (7.5 miles), a DMC (Digital Magnetic Compass), inclinometers, and an embedded GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver. 
Other notable features of the JIM Compact include image stabilization, continuous eZoom, and multi-mode image fusion. This lightweight system possesses the capability for image or video storage and streaming, along with rapid data transfer.

TOTEM: Revolutionizing Precision Targeting in Challenging Environments

TOTEM stands for Target On ThE Map. With TOTEM you extend the location capabilities of your handheld devices with 3D mapping. TOTEM is a fast user-friendly survey application on your tablet, your Safran handheld device, and Battlefield Management System. It offers several ways to enhance the precision of target coordinates obtained from your device. With its CAT 1 level target coordinates, ability to operate in GNSS-denied environments, and a range of cutting-edge features, TOTEM is revolutionizing precision targeting, making it a formidable asset for military forces.

CAT 1 Level Target Coordinates
CAT 1 signifies the highest level of accuracy and reliability when it comes to target location. In critical military operations, having confidence in the accuracy of target coordinates is non-negotiable, and TOTEM delivers this with exceptional precision.

GNSS Denied Environments
Modern battlefields can be unpredictable, often taking place in environments where Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) signals are disrupted or entirely denied. TOTEM is designed to thrive in these challenging conditions, ensuring that military personnel can maintain their targeting capabilities even when traditional navigation systems falter.

Point-to-Point Survey Measurements
TOTEM provides a comprehensive suite of point-to-point survey measurements, allowing operators to precisely measure distances and angles between different points in the field. This versatility is invaluable for a wide range of military applications, from establishing perimeters to assessing terrain features.

3D Point Management
One of TOTEM’s standout features is its 3D point management system. It empowers operators to refine their own positions and image coordinates with unparalleled precision. Additionally, TOTEM enables measurements between multiple 3D points, supporting complex tactical planning and situational awareness.

Locate Targets with or without Laser
TOTEM can locate targets both with and without the use of a laser rangefinder (LRF). This adaptability allows for a broader range of targeting options, ensuring operational success under various circumstances.

Integration with Existing Systems
TOTEM seamlessly integrates with main 2D/3D mapping systems and utilizes in-service satellite imagery. It is also compatible with Digital Terrain and Surface Models (DTM & DSM), enhancing its versatility and utility in various operational scenarios.

TOTEM automates the extraction of device images and points of interest, streamlining the workflow for military personnel. Moreover, it enables the export of refined target data to your Battlefield Management System (BMS), ensuring that valuable information is seamlessly integrated into the broader operational picture.

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