K9 of Non-stop defense, your military dogs deserve the best equipment

Non-Stop Defense was established in 2021 to provide the Norwegian armed forces with dog equipment and arctic clothing. It has its origins in Non-Stop Dogwear, a company that develops, produces and sells performance equipment for dogs and humans active around the world. It all started with a phone call from K9 operator Per Kristian Bruun to Non-stop dogwear. He was already using some of Non-stop Dogwear’s products in his spare time with his hunting dogs.

K9 and equipment


I knew they made ergonomic and functional clothing of exceptional quality,” he says. When the Norwegian armed forces needed dog jackets, I asked Non-stop dogwear to produce a special edition for us. I was blown away by the positivity with which I was greeted and the willingness to adapt existing products to our needs.”

The cooperation grew from there. Soon, a wide range of dog gear and Arctic clothing for humans was included. Today, Non-Stop Defense supplies dog gear and arctic clothing to professional customers in several countries. They have more than 10 years of experience in the development of extreme dog clothing and arctic clothing. Functionality, quality and freedom of movement are the keys to everything they do.

The product development process is continuous. For them, a product is never finished. There is always room for improvement and innovation. This is why their close cooperation with their professional customers is so important. You know directly what your needs are and together they can develop the best possible equipment.

K9 with equipment

One of the reasons the cooperation with the military, police and working dogs has been successful is that you have the same needs as the mushers. You operate in the same weather conditions. You need to be able to move freely. You need to be protected from the cold when you are lying down or standing, yet have the ability to adjust the temperature when you are suddenly on the move. The equipment must be durable to withstand the rough use you put it through and have the functional features you need – nothing more. No matter what the job, a dog and handler function as a team. Your dog is an important resource and deserves to be treated as such, with the best possible equipment to carry out the mission.

Bruun, CEO of Non-stop defense, comes from a 15-year career as a dog handler in the Norwegian armed forces.

Bruun says, “As a handler, you have a huge responsibility to your dog, but also to your colleagues. Their lives depend on the decisions made by you and your dog. That’s why it’s important that you do what’s necessary to perform well. My passion is to maximize the resource that is a K9 by preparing it well and using the right equipment at the right time. A fit and well-equipped K9 has a tremendous capacity. A fit K9 will be able to search longer, and by doing something as simple as putting on dog booties, your K9 can be operational in a much wider range of temperatures and surfaces.”

K9 equipment


Thus, their goal is to provide military dogs with the necessary equipment to improve their performance and extend their activity time.  

Your dog faces a wide variety of challenges every day. So they have developed versatile and durable police dog equipment to prepare you for any situation. 

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