Magpul DAKA GRID Organiser

Magpul is a company known for its high-quality firearm accessories, but they’ve expanded into the EDC (Everyday Carry) market with their line of DAKA products. One of the most popular products in this line is the DAKA GRID Organizer, which offers a unique take on the traditional organizer.

Magpul’s DAKA GRID Organizers are endlessly customizable and support and secure your important equipment during transport or storage in your hard case. The panels can easily be added to Magpul’s popular pelican vault cases. The organizer can be organized to support your rifles, optics, ammunition, accessories, and other gear, and they can be quickly removed and reinstalled. The organizer is made from a durable polymer fabric that’s resistant to water, abrasions, and tears. It’s also resistant to UV light, so it won’t fade or break down over time. The organizer has a non-slip texture that makes it easy to grip, even when wet or sweaty. Available are the DAKA GRID Organizer Specifically designed to fit Pelican™ Vault V730 gun cases and the DAKA GRID Organizer for the Pelican Vault V800 gun cases.  The DAKA Grid Organizer for the Pelican™ Vault V730 has an external width of 16,6 inches and an external length of 44,5 inches. The Organizer for the Pelican™ Vault V800 has an external width of 16,6 inches and an external length of 53,8 inches.

One of the most distinctive features of the DAKA GRID Organizer is its unique grid pattern. The grid pattern is made up of small, evenly spaced squares that create a modular system for organizing your gear. Each square is just the right size for storing a small item like a pen, flashlight, or pocket knife. The grid pattern makes it easy to see and access your gear, and it also keeps items from shifting around inside the organizer. The expanded polypropylene GRID base and blocks are easy to clean with a damp cloth and are resistant to most chemicals, dirt and oils.

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