Magpul Eyewear Performance Technology

Magpul is very well known for its firearm accessories and outdoor equipment. Regarding their eyewear, they elevate to a new standard with their inventive Eyewear Performance Technology. They understand the demand for suitable and durable eyewear that makes all the difference during outdoor activities, tactical operations, or simply a day at the shooting range. That’s why they create ballistic-rated eyewear from high-quality material with an enduring design. It enhances the wearer’s vision, comfort, and safety in the most demanding environments. Suitable for military and law enforcement operations to sports and outdoor adventures.

Magpul’s eyewear can withstand high-velocity impacts. The frames are made of TR90NZZ, the strongest thermoplastic frame material you can find. It will give the wearer maximum impact resistance, flexibility, and comfort. In other words durable ballistic protection. They test them to high impact levels comparable to being hit by bomb shrapnel. Most of their models exceed MILSPEC (MIL-PRF 32432) and ANSI Z87.1, an important norm for the eye protection industry in the USA.

The unbreakable lenses are made from polycarbonate, the same material that flight helmet visors are made of. They give a clear view and several lens options are available as polarized and non-polarized lenses, or mirroring options. The lenses are engineered to minimize distortion and enhance visual clarity. This contributes to situations in which identifying targets, assessing surroundings, and making accurate judgments are crucial. The lenses are oleophobic coated to provide liquid and chemical protection and they are scratch-resistant. An anti-reflective coat is applied to minimize the distraction of reflections and maintain an unobstructed field of view.


Magpul’s frames offer you comfort through the padded and low-profile temples that can be easily integrated underneath helmets, communication headsets, and over-the-ear hearing protection. The frames also feature rubber nose and temple pads that are overmolded into the frame which ensures dependable, non-slip reliability and comfort.

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