Mystery Ranch is known for producing high-quality backpacks designed for various outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, and military use. Mystery Ranch backpacks incorporate durable materials, thoughtful designs, and feature multiple compartments, adjustable straps, and load-bearing systems for comfort.

Mystery Ranch BLACKJACK

The BLACKJACK Series of Mystery Ranch is designed after the SOCOM-issue SPEAR packs. The name BLACKJACK was inspired by MACV-SOG MIKE Force operations that took place during the Vietnam War. The BLACKJACK series features lightweight, full carbon frames, Dyneema-CORDURA laminate, IR-compliant zippers, and lightweight bolsters.

The BLACKJACK has overall the same feature sets as the SPEAR although with subtle distinctions. For example, the SPEAR packs are equipped with 19 mm (¾ inch) buckles, whereas the BLACKJACK packs have 25 mm (1 inch buckles) providing increased strength. Additionally, the BLACKJACK has a more standard Yoke deviating from the SPEAR packs.


The BLACKJACK 50 is a backpack with a 50-liter capacity. Crafted with accurate attention to detail, the BLACKJACK 50 incorporates advanced features tailored to meet the demands of elite military forces. On its front side, the BLACKJACK 50 has two external pockets, each of which includes an internal detail pocket. The backpack is equipped with MOLLE webbing on both the front and sides, allowing for the attachment of extra pouches. You’ll find two compression straps and a bottom bottle pocket on the sides. Access to the main compartment can be achieved either through the top shroud or via the full-length zippers on both sides. A hydration sleeve on each inner side can hold up a three-liter reservoir.

One of the key features of the BLACKJACK 50 is the Military Light Frame (MLF), a robust yet dynamically responsive system designed to move in sync with your body. Its frame consists of four vertical and three horizontal pure carbon fiber stays, complemented by a stiffer CORDURA Dyneema laminate at connection points. This strategic construction enhances shock absorption and increases the frame’s flexibility. This flexibility allows the frame to adapt to your body’s movements, facilitating top-down load transfer for a comfortable carry, even with heavy loads.
Furthermore, it features a Futura Yoke that ensures a customizable fit by easily micro-adjusting to the torso length, maintaining the ideal standoff between the back and frame.

MLF front
MLF back

Within the design of the BLACKJACK 50 advanced tactical technology is incorporated through its IR-compliant zippers, adding a level of stealth and compatibility with night-vision equipment suitable for users navigating in diverse operational landscapes. The zippers are coated with Urethane and come with toggles and D rings, allowing them to be securely locked to prevent accidental openings.


Other sizes in the serie

The BLACKJACK 80 is the mid-range and has a capacity of 80 liters and is equipped with four external pockets, perfect for quick access items. For quick access to the main compartment, it features full-length zippers on both sides. A removable lid on the top enhances organizational capabilities with two additional pockets. The BLACKJACK 100 is the largest in the line-up and has the same features as the BLACKJACK 80 with the addition of a 20-liter sleeping system compartment at the bottom. Which is easy to access through the speed zip access system.

Other BLACKJACK sizes

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