Our Approach

COBBS is here for the man on the ground. We support your mission by increasing your chances of success in your operational, logistical or procurement challenge.

How we make the difference

We achieve this through our essential focus on long term relationships with our clients, striving to add value in every part of the materiel management process.

We are a trusted advisor, enabling our clients to focus and succeed in their core business.

Requirement Phase

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• Concept Development & Experimentation

• Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement

• Procurement Preperation

Acquisition Phase

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• Strategic Positioning (Industrial Participation, Consortium Forming)

• Project Management (Bid & Proposal, Tender Submission)

• Marketing Support

Sustainment Phase

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• Quality Acceptance

• Life Cycle Management

• Logistic Services
Our approach - COBBS Industries


We maintain the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and quality across all our client engagements and in everything we do. This culture of excellence enables our customers to have absolute trust in us and be assured of the value we bring to their organization. We have a highly developed ethical approach to ensure our ethics are always beyond reproach. We are honest with our customers, always objective with the advice we give them, and dedicated to protecting their best interests above all else. All for the man on the ground.

About COBBS Industries

For the man on the ground.

These words are not chosen lightly. This ambitious statement drives everything we do at COBBS. Our unfaltering belief that nothing but the very best is good enough for the men and women that need it most sets our standards. We work continuously to source and supply effective solutions to enhance their safety and fighting capabilities. If a capability doesn’t exist, we invest and work with our dedicated industry partners to make new solutions a reality.

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