Princeton Tec extends the boundaries of possibility through groundbreaking lighting solutions. Crafting robust products for active service members, first responders, everyday heroes, and adventure seekers, they pride themselves on delivering durability that withstands the harshest conditions. Their flashlights and headlamps not only endure the most rugged environments but also give confidence in individuals who venture fearlessly into territories few dare to explore.

The Railink Switch MPLS Helmet Light was developed through a collaboration between Princeton Tec and Gentex/Ops-Core. The Railink Switch MPLS Helmet Light stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology meeting practical design.

Switch Railink Black
Switch Railink Tan

The Railink Switch MPLS is a user-friendly directional lighting solution designed for low light and IR environments, only compatible with Gentex Ops-Core Railink-powered helmets. The Railink system serves as a centralized power source for all compatible accessories, providing a seamless and efficient power supply to the Railink Switch MPLS, which is universally compatible with Ops-Core FAST helmets. If you want to learn more about the Ops-Core Railink System, read it in our blog OPS-CORE RAILINK SYSTEM – NEXT GENERATION HEADBORNE SYSTEM.

Weighing just 13 grams, the Railink Switch MPLS is a lightweight asset that prioritizes user convenience. Its glove-friendly switch ensures easy operation, offering a fail-safe lighting solution for users navigating low light and IR scenarios with ease and confidence.

The Railink Switch MPLS also caters to varying lighting needs with multiple easy-to-use settings, allowing users to adjust the brightness based on the situation—whether to illuminate greater distances or conserve battery power. 

The unit’s ultrabright LED lights (one Red LED and one Infrared LED) deliver a powerful 6 Lumens without the need for external batteries, as the Railink system powers the lights efficiently.

The user-friendly interface allows for quick adjustments, and the left or right mounting options provide unparalleled flexibility for diverse setups. 

The Railink Switch MPLS boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating, capable of submersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This durability ensures that the helmet light can withstand challenging environmental conditions, adding a layer of resilience to its functionality.

The Railink Switch compatibility with Ops-Core FAST helmets is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable low-light and IR illumination solution.

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