QinetiQ Inc: Create it, Test it, Use it

Delivering reliable robots to clients in the LEAF community for 15 years. QinetiQ Inc. is a world leader in developing, producing, fielding, and servicing unmanned ground vehicles in a variety of sizes and with varying capabilities that help warfighters and first responders stay out of harm’s way. QinetiQ’s best known robot is TALON®. Since TALON’s initial deployment in 2000, the QinetiQ family of robots has expanded to include small, medium, and large unmanned vehicles that can be configured for specific tasks, such as IED defeat, CBRNE/hazmat identification, reconnaissance, combat engineering support, and SWAT/MP unit assistance. QinetiQ’s TALON® robot, a lightweight tracked robot used primarily for counter-IED and combat engineer route clearance missions has assisted in defeating over 11,000 enemy IEDs while on over 130,000 combat missions since 2002. QinetiQ has delivered 4,000 TALONs, 1.000 Dragon Runners, and 100 Minotaur systems in support of United States Military and International military efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq and worldwide to counter the global improvised explosive device threat. Over the years, QinetiQ has built and optimized the logistics and sustainment systems to keep all these robots in the fight. QinetiQ actively supports depot operations for both the Navy and the Army and have deployed several midlife resets and upgrades to the robot fleet.

QinetiQ Inc. (QinetiQ) is a U.S. defense company founded in 1956 as Foster-Miller by three M.I.T. graduates who recognized the need for a business that could solve difficult real-world problems through first-class analysis and design. QinetiQ continues that focus today with cutting-edge defense solutions that expand the operational envelope and put warfighters’ safety first. QinetiQ Inc. (formerly known as QinetiQ North America) is a subsidiary of QinetiQ Group plc. QinetiQ delivers world-class technology and revolutionary products to the defense, security, commercial and utility markets. Customers rely on QinetiQ products to Increase situational awareness, aid in personal safety, enhance security and streamline operations. QinetiQ products include unmanned systems, military survivability solutions and power sensors and control systems. QinetiQ Inc. is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and operates as the US arm of QinetiQ Group’s Global Products division.

In this month’s Supplier Spotlight series we highlight QinetiQ Inc.’s technological excellence and quality assurance, delivering the most fielded robotic systems for extensive missions around the world. Titled “Create it, Test it, Use it”, the video below gives an overview of the QinetiQ Group’s solutions, focusing on unparalleled problem solving of real-world problems of the Defense industry.

COBBS has a long-standing relationship with QinetiQ Inc. For over 10 years, COBBS has supplied QinetiQ robots to the Royal Dutch Army. These robots have been used in the missions in Afghanistan and Mali, to provide critical stand-off to keep troops out of harm’s way. Next to robotic systems, QinetiQ provides a wide array of survivability solutions. Q-Net’s are highly specialized protective nets that offers protection against RPG’s (Rocket-propelled Grenades). It’s extensions like the Q-Net that increase survivability and combat readiness, vital to mission profiles where RPG threat is expected.

In QinetiQ, we find a partner, in the domain of Unmanned Systems & Sensors, that excels in creating high-quality, durable robots for any mission type. QinetiQ keeps pushing the boundary on the front of innovation and into new solutions. The family of brands enables interoperability between QinetiQ systems with its Universal Controller, offering the man on the ground more options to achieve mission success.

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