Today’s low-cost commercial drones and quadcopters interfaces deliver increasingly better performance, extended flight duration, longer ranges and expanded payload-carrying.  These improvements have led to accelerated use among terrorists and smugglers as delivery companies and hobbyists – each capable causing significant damage, whether deliberate or unintentional. In response, Elbit Systems EW & Elisra has developed the Counter-UAS ReDrone that overcomes advances in drone technology and enables all threats to be quickly and thoroughly defeated – whenever and wherever they appear.


End-to-End, Multi-Layered, Customizable Protection


Designed for military, paramilitary, HLS and civilian uses, ReDrone enables the end-to-end defense of borders, airports, seaports, strategic facilities, public events, landmarks, prisons, military bases and military or VIP convoys and motorcades.

ReDrone provides complete, multi-layered, multi-mission, and operationally-proven protection against the full spectrum of UAS threats across a wide range of scenarios. A unique set of seamlessly-integrated countermeasures detects, identifies, classifies, locates, tracks, neutralizes, manipulates and defeats multiple threats simultaneously, in urban and rural environments, day and night and in all weather conditions.

Based on Elbit Systems EW & SIGINT – Elisra’s ultra-sophisticated and extensively field-proven SIGINT and EW technologies, the MIL-STD ReDrone combines advanced signal processing, decision algorithms, C4I capabilities, cyber techniques and cutting-edge active and passive sensors – including SIGINT, RADAR, EO/IR, Acoustic and Cyber – all integrated on an open, unified platform and run from a single control station.

Modular, flexible and scalable, ReDrone can be precisely tailored to customer needs. The system is easily integrated with any architecture and can be installed on a variety of configurations – including mobile, stationary, portable, transportable or fixed. Requiring no special skills, ReDrone can be installed in less than 20 minutes by a single person.

360° Detection

ReDrone provides full area protection enabled by its unique combination of detection capabilities. The SIGINT passive detection subsystem, based on fast wideband receivers, detects all types of commercial drone communications, separates them from WiFi signals, identifies them and alerts the operator. The passive subsystem provides detection and DOA or location. Multiple 2D or 3D radars provide active detection & location, usually used for extended ranges, while the acoustic subsystem detects acoustic events in the perimeter area and the VISINT optical subsystem points the investigating camera in the drone’s direction. In addition, external sensors can be supplied by customers as CFEs and integrated via the C2 interfaces.

Redrone on building

Neutralizing the Threats

ReDrone includes a number of subsystems that effectively defeat hostile drones. The system blocks all radio communication channels and GNSS signals. It has a compact RF transmitter that temporarily disrupts the drone’s command and control link system with minimal risk of collateral damage.

Next Generation Command and Control

ReDrone‘s advanced Command and Control system provides comprehensive management and control capabilities. Fully controlling all connected sensors, Redrone integrates and displays incoming data from them, utilizing a user-friendly graphics layer on a digital map. All management activities are conveniently performed from a single, unified control station.

Manipulation and Take-Over

ReDrone’s advanced capabilities include manipulating and taking full control of target drones. In the take-over stage, the system enables the operator to disconnect a target drone’s communications channel and to fully control the drone. ReDrone can then send a safe-landing command to the drone with specific GPS coordinates to a predetermined location. The drone will then fly to the specified location and land there safely.

Multiple Deployment Options

ReDrone is lightweight, easily transported and rapidly deployed. The versatile system, which comes in a ruggedized, transportable case, can be installed on a variety of platforms in portable, mobile or stationary configurations.

Convoys Protection

Redrone can be operated from stationary positions or on-the-move to protect VIP motorcades and military convoys. This capability can be combined with Elbit Systems EW & SIGINT – Elisra’s CIED vehicle protection system to provide comprehensive force protection against threats arising from both air and ground sources.


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