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Based on the success of the JIM LR, operational feedback from users, and a continuous improvement approach, Safran Electronics & Defense has developed the JIM Compact – a lightweight, multifunctional, long-range binocular system that provides operators with top-end situational awareness and advanced connectivity in the battlefield.

COBBS has a longstanding partnership with Safran in the account of Weapon Systems & Optics with handheld optronics solutions. The Safran Group produces a high-quality family of systems that are all complementary to each other, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems during the various missions.


Top-End situational awareness and advanced connectivity

The JIM Compact is equipped with low-light sensor, cooled infrared and colour daytime sensors, features already used on the original JIM LR long-range binoculars. It also features pointer and laser designator displays (See-Spot) and weighs less than 2kg of unmatched capabilities, including the rechargeable COTS battery. The binoculars offer long-range and advanced battlefield connectivity to meet the users‘ requirements, especially in size, weight and power (SWaP), equipped with wireless communications capabilities (incl. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) as well as the run-time.

Other features of the JIM Compact include image stabilisation, continuous eZoom and multi-mode image fusion. The lightweight system is capable of image or video storage and streaming, as well as fast data hand over.

Since the binoculars meet the full range of intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition (True North-Finding with Sterna from Safran Vectronix AG, Switzerland) and reconnaissance missions, they are suitable for use by the Armed Forces and security services missions, in particular the special forces (JTAC & snipers), forward observers, infantrymen, artillerymen, cost guards, border guards, and the law enforcement agencies. The advanced binocular have been selected by several Nato nations since their launch at the Eurosatory, France 2016 trade show.


Sterna TNF + JIM Compact: a long range JFSS for any time

The Joint Fires Support System, combining Sterna TNF with JIM Compact provides accurate and reliable information for target acquisition. It operates in GPS-denied environments, dense urban terrain or inside buildings.

This system gives you all the freedom during day and night operations:

  • Target location error CE90: 4.4 km CAT 1 at 45° Lat N/S
  • Orientation accuracy: 0.7 mil at 45° Lat N/S
  • Weight: 4.8 kg

It features True North Finding, a cooled thermal (MWIR), lowlight and colour day channel which make it a most versatile system at any time. JIM Compact is in master mode to the Sterna HA.


JIM Compact: TELD Function

Developed by Safran Electronics & Defense in partnership with the French Commandment of Special Operations (COS), the “Long Range Sniper” (TELD) function is integrated into the IR binoculars to enhance a Sniper’s capabilities.

The TELD function operates by measuring the distance to a target and its speed of motion, and then calculating the flight time of the bullet according to a firing table for the weapon and ammunition used in an application. The binoculars will display in its sights any corrections necessary to the angle of fire. This function can increase the probability of a first-round hit on moving targets and reduce the possibility of collateral damage.

To date, nearly 10,000 of the JIM family of multifunction infrared binoculars are already in service or on order in around 40 countries.



Safran Electronics & Defense offers a wide range of defense systems and equipment, deployed by armies, navies and air forces from around the world to protect nations and populations. Safran has developed world-class expertise in the enabling technologies for inertial navigation (mechanical, thermal, laser, fiber-optic, resonant), which means they offer systems adapted to all operating environments.



Optronics, also known as electro-optical (EO) equipment, is used for image detection, processing and stabilization. Safran is a world leader in this high-tech field, offering a complete range of optronic systems and equipment for defense applications (submarines and surface vessels, combat vehicles, aircraft, etc.). Safran is a recognized specialist in protection systems for surface vessels, including aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes and patrol boats, with complete packages or modular solutions to handle passive monitoring, surveillance, observation, early warning and other critical functions. In addition Safran is a well-known supplier of multifunction portable optronic devices, such as the JIM family of infrared binoculars.

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