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Safran’s history starts in 1925 with the creation of “Société d’Applications Générales d’Electricité et de Mécanique” (Sagem) by Marcel Môme. Sagem started with developing gyro-compasses for naval ships and infrared applications. Counting on many inventions and developments, Sagem merged with Snecma in 2005 to create Safran. Since then, Safran has executed numerous acquisitions in order to grow her portfolio. Safran in 2021 has numerous subsidiaries in the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense industry. Applications developed for the Defense industry are united in Safran Electronics & Defense.

In this month’s Supplier Spotlight series we want to highlight Safran Electronics & Defense’s unique history, drive for sustainability and state of mind when it comes to innovation and technological excellence. Titled “Safran, your sovereignty is our mission”, this video shows an overview of Safran’s Electronics & Defense solutions which have countless applications in Land Systems, Naval Systems, Aerospace and Security.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Safran Electronics & Defense’s strategy: its products’ competitiveness rests in large part on the successful integration of technological breakthroughs, providing clients with a decisive advantage. The primary areas of focus are multispectral optronics, image processing, new-generation tactical drones, vibrating gyros and MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems), applied to next-generation navigation systems for both military and civil applications. For example, this user-oriented strategy led to the development of the active side-stick unit a new-generation “joystick” for airplane and helicopter pilots.

We recognize the power of a mindset that puts innovation at the forefront of every business activity. It is therefore that COBBS is partnering with Safran for several years in the account of Weapon Systems & Optics with optronics solutions. The companies Safran Electronics & Defence, Safran Vectronix and Safran Optics1 produce a high-quality family of systems in target acquisition and thermal imaging which are beloved solutions within the Belgian and Dutch LEAF community.

In the domain of Unmanned Systems & Sensors, we partner on optronics and navigation systems. With the smallest gyroscope in the world created by Safran, we are proud to be working with Safran Electronics & Defense to fulfil the requirements of the BENELUX LEAF community for small and powerful navigation systems, applicable to any platform.

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