See Beyond Closed Doors: CORE Under Door Camera from Tactical Electronics

The CORE Under Door Camera from Tactical Electronics is a specialized surveillance tool designed for tactical operations, providing critical visual intelligence in challenging environments. The CORE Camera improves tactical inspections by delivering the most advanced cameras, thermal fusion technology, and unsurpassed modularity. CORE features Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and Monitors.

The CORE Under Door Camera is ideal for tactical operations where gaining visual access to confined or inaccessible spaces is crucial. Law enforcement and military units widely use the tool for breaching, reconnaissance, and hostage rescue scenarios. The CORE Under Door Camera provides you with 4 views: forward, upward, left, and right. So before making an entry to rooms behind closed doors, it provides you with the necessary information in high-risk environments. Its advanced features and robust design make it a valuable asset for enhancing situational awareness and decision-making during critical operations. The CORE Under Door Camera is a high-resolution camera that captures clear wireless, digitally encrypted videos and detailed images. It provides real-time video feed to the operator, enabling immediate assessment of the situation.

CORE Under Door Camera

The head of the camera can be adjusted to various angles, allowing for optimal viewing positions and maximizing the field of view. The CORE Under Door Camera comes in 1-camera, 2-camera, or 4-camera configurations. The dual-camera setup provides forward and upward views, while the quad-camera setup offers forward, upward, left, and right views.
The CORE Under Door insertion panel measures 8.0 inches (20 cm) long and 0.26 inches (0,65 cm) thick, allowing easy sliding under a door with the CORE Grip or attached to the POLE Grip for extended reach.

Videos are wirelessly streamed to the CORE Monitor over an AES-encrypted channel, with an optional hardwire cable connection available for RF-restricted environments. When attached to the CORE Grip, a 1.0-inch eyepiece displays the video without needing a separate monitor. The camera is capable of operating in low-light conditions, allowing for effective use in various lighting environments. 

CORE Monitor

High-intensity IR LED illumination can be activated and dimmed either directly on the camera or remotely via the CORE Monitor. SD Card recording and playback facilitate post-operation analysis and evidence collection.

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