SPUR Mini – Squad Packable Utility Robot

QinetiQ was founded in July 2001 as a government-owned company called the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). Later on, it was privatized and became QinetiQ in 2002.
QinetiQ provides innovative solutions to real-world problems and with their technical expertise, they support defense and security missions. They are well known for their defense technology, electronics, robotics, cybersecurity, aerospace, and engineering.

SPUR Mini is the smallest and lightest unmanned ground robot of QinetiQ. SPUR mini weighs no more than five pounds. Due to its compact and lightweight design the SPUR Mini is well-suited for situations that require rapid deployment. SPUR mini is deployable for reconnaissance and security operations to aid military, first responders and law enforcement personnel with security and emergency operations.

This incredibly portable robot designed for intuitive operation and rapid deployment is not only easy to throw into action but also boasts excellent mobility, ensuring it can navigate through various terrains with ease. This includes tall grass, sand, and gravel and is capable of climbing over 4 in/35.5cm curbs.

Equipped with two-way communications, it serves as a vital link between operators and the field, enabling seamless coordination and real-time feedback. With its high-definition video capability, the SPUR Mini provides the operator with clear visuals of the surroundings. Whether used in emergency response, surveillance, or exploration scenarios, this robot delivers unparalleled situational awareness.

SPUR Mini Specifications




Weight (vehicle only)

12.23” (31 cm)

6.4” (16.25 cm)

3.25” (8.25 cm)

<5 lbs. (2.25 kg)

Throwable Distance

18’ (9.15m)

Curb Climb Capability

4” (35.5cm)

Run Time

2 hour continuous driving

4 hours intermittent use – Mission Dependent

Camera Type/Quantity

1 HD camera

1 Thermal camera

LOS Range



Small tablet or smart phone

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