S&S Precision’s NavBoard FlipLite Kit

S&S Precision is a company known for designing and manufacturing tactical equipment and accessories for military and law enforcement agencies. They are recognized for producing high-quality gear, including items related to navigation, communication, and mission-specific tools.

The NavBoard FlipLite Kit of S&S Precision ensures the safety and weather resistance of your device. You can enhance the capabilities of this kit by incorporating any or all of the latest NavBoard FlipLite accessories. This versatile and durable navigation solution is designed to enhance performance in tactical and outdoor settings. Crafted with impact-modified Nylon, this device ensures exceptional durability, with a robust construction that can withstand challenging conditions.

Its case-agnostic design can accommodate smart devices up to 3.5” W x 6.75” L x 0.6875” D, whether they are encased or not. This flexibility allows users to utilize their preferred protective cases, ensuring that the NavBoard FlipLite seamlessly integrates with their existing equipment.

The device boasts an adjustable friction hinge, providing users with customizable viewing angles for optimal usability. Silicone smart device retention straps, equipped with internal ribbing, ensure a secure fit and prevent the straps from peeling off the user’s smart device during active use.

The bungee lock feature adds practicality to the NavBoard FlipLite, automatically stowing out of the way when not in use, preventing interference while operating the smart device. This thoughtful design enhances the overall user experience, ensuring that the device remains unobtrusive during critical tasks.

NavBoard FlipLite

Reliable attachment

For ease of attachment, the NavBoard FlipLite is equipped with two mounting straps that allow it to be securely fastened to 4 x 2 MOLLE/PALS fields. This ensures a stable and reliable connection, enabling rapid putting on and taking off as needed in dynamic situations.

On Carriers

Integrated belly band slots further contribute to the versatility of the NavBoard FlipLite, offering additional attachment options for the user’s convenience. Whether navigating or communicating in the field, this device combines durability, adaptability, and practical features to meet the demands of tactical professionals.

On harnesses

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