With the Airfield Beacon, you can quickly identify Blue Force personnel, vehicles, and areas with battle-proven beacons that are invisible to hostile and unmistakable to you.

The Airfield Beacon is a compact remotely triggered beacon designed for marking covert airstrips and landing zones. It offers a unique capability to send flashing beacons remotely from miles away. The Airfield Beacon’s UHF transceiver is programmed with seven discrete channels and can be remotely activated from a minimum of 2 km up to 6 km away. With standard night vision goggles, it can be detected from 15 km.

Steiner Airfield Beacon

The Steiner Airfield Beacon is a versatile and robust tool designed for a wide range of operational needs. Each beacon doubles as a transmitter, capable of triggering other beacons, ensuring seamless communication across your setup. It can be equipped with a variety of emitters in the visible and near IR wavebands, allowing for flexible usage depending on mission requirements.

Airfield Beacon Landing Zones

The beacon features an “All” setting, enabling the operator to activate every beacon regardless of the channel. It offers three operating modes: continuous at medium power, continuous at high power, and 1 Hz flashing at high power. These modes are easily programmed via USB, with customizable flash patterns to suit specific needs.
It features 9 LED Emitters: 3 LEDs emit beacons in Red, White, and NIR. These LED emitters are positioned at the top of the housing and shielded by a protective transparent dome.

It produces a wide omnidirectional cone of light. Also positioned on the top, is a control pad for manual operation, equipped with On and Off buttons and two dial switches.

This compact and lightweight device features built-in permanent magnets, an external loop, and a rail for easy attachment. With hemispherical light distribution, the beacon ensures visibility from all directions, enhancing safety and effectiveness.
The Steiner Airfield Beacon’s housing is crafted from durable aluminum, designed to endure harsh conditions. It is both weatherproof and shock-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments. Operating temperatures range from -30°C (-22°F) to 60°C (140°F) and the Beacon is waterproof up to 10 meters for 30 minutes. The Beacon can be placed on the ground or attached to stakes using internal magnets, providing adaptability in various environments.

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