Talon – Personal Ubiquitous Communications

The Talon is a single-user MANET radio from Fenix group. They aim to reduce risk, burden and cost by equipping corporations and commands with intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that bridge disparate technologies and unify communications at the edge.

Talon ensures you of having flexible communication by enabling smartphone voice, text app, data share, and mission-critical applications – such as ATAK – as a primary mobile ad-hoc network anywhere in the world.

It is interoperable with any IP-based network, sensor, or device. Talon can for example connect an attached device (sensor, laptop) to destinations Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) via SATCOM or a local carrier bridge.

Talon can extend your range by connecting to other MANET networks, cellular carrier networks, or any IP-capable bridge to create open architecture scalability in your network.

Talon buttons

It can rebroadcast video and sensor data by connecting remote sensors to the Talon network and rebroadcasting video and sensor data to other Talon-equipped devices as a primary, or secondary layer of your network.
The Talon single-user Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) radio fills an important space in the MANET radio middle market:

  • Talon is less expensive and easier to use than typical high-end military radios and has greater throughput than most.
  • Talon has more functionality, more autonomy, and higher throughput than entry-level MANET radios.

Talon seamlessly provides rapid recovery if the primary network fails or if the end user strays beyond the network coverage area. A group of Talon-equipped smartphones do not even need a primary network to operate. The Talon network self-creates and self-manages a private local network.


The TALON radio fills the gap between low-cost, low-throughput radios and high-end radios. The highly capable TALON radio enables Military warfighters, Law Enforcement personnel, rescue workers, and other first responders with a powerful solution to deploy instantly in any situation.

The Talon app

The Talon app has a intuitive interface used to configure the Talon radio. It is easy to navigate – create a profile, push a profile. From the phone to the radio, no laptop or network required. Smartphones (or sensors or other connected devices) do not even need to have the Talon app installed to operate within the Talon network. The Talon radio manages itself to find, authenticate, and connect with other Talon radios. The Talon network automatically adapts to changes in user locations to move data through the network by hopping from Talon radio to Talon radio until the data reaches its destination.

Talon app

Talon can bridge to any commercial carrier or any private cellular network (4G or 5G) to extend its range. Talon also works with no network at all.

Talon network

More features

  • Talon can connect Samsung smartphones and any IP-based device (sensor, laptop) to the Talon network.
  • It connects an attached device (sensor, laptop) to destinations Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) via SATCOM or local carrier bridge.
  • Talon connects the tactical edge to the cloud.
  • Talon can enable smartphone voice, text app, data share and mission critical applications – such as ATAK – through the primary network with smartphones that are not Talon-equipped.
  • A Talon-equipped UAS configured as a repeater connects remote Talon-equipped devices far beyond the primary network coverage area.
  • Talon connects remote sensors to the Talon network and rebroadcasts video and sensor data to other Talon-equipped devices with no primary network.

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