The Ares Combat Gloves of W + R Pro

W+R GmbH was founded in Metzingen in 1928 by the tanner Jakob Weiblen and the glove maker Theodor Rümmelin. Since then W+R has been active in the field of developing and manufacturing protective gloves that meet the highest safety standards. W + R PRO GmbH is a subsidiary of W + R GmbH and has a long history of working on national and international projects with the police, special forces, the military, and other European institutions. Their gloves are crafted from specialized leather and cutting-edge technical textiles. 

They provide exceptional performance, meeting all requirements for cut protection, flame retardancy, comfort, functionality, moisture protection, breathability, and touchscreen capability.

The ARES is a highly functional operational glove for all police and military operations. This tactical glove features ergonomic soft protectors for the back of the hand. These gloves are fully flame-resistant and temperature-resistant. Other features include palms with the highest cut protection class, excellent grip, and touchscreen-capable fingertips.

supreme technical performance

Boasting the revolutionary Sharktec-CP, a high-tech 3D palm infused with nanotechnology, the ARES glove sets a new standard for supreme technical performance and maximum protection. The ARES provides you with an enormous grip thanks to the elastic 3D Volcano technology, even on wet and oily surfaces.

They are flame resistance certified to EN 407 Class 4 standards. This means that the glove exhibits outstanding resistance to flames, ensuring no melting or dripping, thereby providing a reliable shield in environments where fire hazards are present. Cut Resistance to EN 388 Class 5. This level of protection ensures that users are shielded against sharp objects and potential lacerations, making it an ideal choice for industries where cut hazards are prevalent.

ARES incorporates dynamic 3D pyramid technology for impact and vibration absorption. This feature not only enhances comfort during prolonged use but also provides an added layer of protection against impacts, contributing to the overall safety of the user. They are water-repellent, quick-drying, and washable. These features contribute to the longevity of the glove and maintain its performance in diverse working conditions. To comply with the modern work environment, the ARES glove features a touchscreen-compatible index finger and thumb. This allows users to seamlessly interact with electronic devices without compromising on safety.

The back of the glove and the thumb feature high-quality black Nomex, offering not only reduced pilling but also supreme flame resistance. The index finger, parts of the thumb, fourchettes, and fingertip reinforcements are crafted from cut-resistant Kevlar with a temperature-resistant silicon carbide coating. This combination not only provides high abrasion and temperature resistance but also imparts light-duty cut resistance. Ergonomically designed soft protectors for the knuckles, first finger bones, and the top of the back of the hand are made from energy-absorbing memory microfoam.

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