The Beretta APX family

The Beretta APX is a family of semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Beretta. The lightweight frame housing is constructed from a technopolymer reinforced with fiberglass. The APX’s sleek design makes it easy to carry and draw from a holster. The series started in 2016 with the full-size standard model. In 2018, three more variants of the APX were announced: the APX Centurion, with a slightly smaller frame, slide, and barrel, the APX Compact, with a subcompact-sized frame, slide, and barrel, and the APX Combat, with a threaded barrel and a mounting plate for optics on the slide. Later on, more variations were introduced on the older models: the APX Centurion, Compact, and Combat, and the Beretta APX Carry and APX Target were introduced. In 2022 Beretta announced the APX A1, an ergonomically and functionally improved revision of the standard APX design (APX A0).

Beretta APX A0
Beretta APX A0
Beretta APX A0
Beretta APX A1
Beretta APX A1
Beretta APX A1
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In the development of the APX ease of use was the key driver. There are slide-catch levers positioned on either side of the frame. The operating/locking system is based on a tilt-barrel, locked breech.
One unique feature of the APX family is the ability to disable the internal striker mechanism before disassembly. So the pistol can be field-stripped without the need to pull the trigger. If the pistol accidentally drops, the Trigger Safety is designed to prevent the trigger from moving backward. However, when the trigger is deliberately pulled the Trigger Safety is instantly deactivated.


Beretta has put a lot of emphasis on ergonomics in the APX series. The grip texture and shape are designed for comfort and control. The frame features interchangeable backstraps to fit different hand sizes, ensuring a comfortable grip for a wide range of users.


Modularity is one of the standout features of the APX family. The pistols are customizable according to the shooter’s preferences and requirements: grip frame size, slide/barrel length, and the caliber of the firearm. The internal metal frame can easily be removed. The pistol can be adjusted to different hand sizes with the use of interchangeable backstraps of different thicknesses and configurations. Under the barrel, the pistol features a standard Picatinny rail (MIL-STD 1913) for accessory attachment. For left-handed shooters the magazine release button on the APX can easily be reversed.
The high-definition 3-dot sight system is designed for rapid target acquisition. The unique sight system allows users to make adjustments to both the front and rear sights and even replace them with alternative types if desired.


Beretta never compromises on safety and like most modern handguns, the APX series includes various safety features such as trigger safety, striker block, and a loaded chamber indicator, making them safe and reliable choices for users. On request, you can get frame safety, magazine safety, and loaded chamber indicator. The APX includes a built-in mechanism within the trigger that steadfastly prevents any inadvertent firing, even in cases of accidental drops.


The Beretta APX A1 is an improvement of the APX A0. The grip and feel are one of the great improvements over the early generation of APX. The frame on the A1 has a more aggressive texturing than the original. Also, it brings an improved trigger: a more streamlined design, a less obtrusive safety, a lighter pull, a cleaner break, and a shorter reset.

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Looking at the dimensions of the APX A1 and APX A0 there are no big differences, but there is a significant change in dimensions of the Picatinny rail height of the APX A1. It is taller to accommodate a better selection of lights. The APX A1 is finished with an Aqua Tech Shield coating that ensures the weapon to withstand military requirements and offers a higher level of resistance against corrosion, scratches, chemicals, and other hostile elements.
The current APX A1 models include the standard full size, APX A1 Tactical (threaded barrel and suppressor-height sights), APX A1 Compact (same dimensions as the APX A0 Centurion), and APX A1 Carry (subcompact version).

Textured Grip

Aggressive Slide Serrations



The Beretta APX family provides you with ergonomics, reliability, and precision with superior firing solutions suitable for both casual shooters and the most demanding professionals worldwide.

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