The Silver Bullet Golf Event

For the first time, COBBS Industries and Commando & Family Foundation (CFF) are jointly organizing the Silver Bullet Golf Event to support our Special Forces and their families. At the Silver Bullet Golf Event, 100% of the entry fee goes to the Commando & Family Foundation. The Silver Bullet Event Golf event will be rescheduled for early spring 2022, more information to follow soon.

We are proud to be a partner of Commando & Family Foundation (CFF). CFF is commited to (former) colleagues from the spectrum of Dutch Special Operations (specific Korps Commandotroepen), whose personal situation needs support. We have a close-knit connection with CFF as many of us are former Special Forces members and we personally know the power of a solid support system: camaraderie, which helped us to succesfully complete our missions. Whether it be military combat, or anything else, we have learned that we can only be successful if we count on and support one another. 

For this reason we created the SIlver Bullet Golf Event: the term silver bullet is a metaphor for a simple solution to a complex problem. The aim of the Silver Bullet Golf Event is to support the mission of the Commando & Family Foundation: ‘Leave no one behind’. We want to offer a financial ‘solution’ by using the network of COBBS Industries by raising a minimum of €20.000,-

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