Tomahawk Robotics´ Edge Devices

Tactical networking with edge processing

The primary focus of the Kinesis Ecosystem is to prioritize the needs of the warfighter. It has to enable them to quickly enhance their capabilities in the field without being limited by the offerings of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This means that even a basic hovering drone, originally designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) purposes, can now actively participate in a pre-designed algorithm. Autonomously the drones can collaborate in searching for targets and transferring coordinates to connected TAK-ATAK users. This capability does not require any modifications to the unmanned system because it is hosted in software on KxM.

The KxM family of edge devices and RAID uses NVIDIA GPUs which unlock great new functionalities within the Kinesis Ecosystem. These capabilities cover a wide range of applications that can be applied to all unmanned systems whether or not they originally support such capabilities. Using several 3rd party software apps from the Kinesis App Store your unmanned vehicle (UxV) can benefit from applications including video analytics, 2D/3D mapping, EW & SIGINT (Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence).

To deliver the latest AI-enhanced capabilities at the tactical edge, Tomahawk Robotics is partnering with the leading software companies. These capabilities include a wide range of applications tailored to meet the diverse needs of the warfighter. From aided target recognition (AiTR) to advanced 3D mapping and beyond. Tomahawk is constantly striving to expand its ecosystem by engaging in partnerships with new organizations.


KxM offers a strong platform that enables users to efficiently process big quantities of data in challenging environments, facilitating high-speed, on-body computation at the tactical edge. It reduces cognitive load and seamlessly merges raw intelligence data for real-time decision-making. KxM is compatible with the Nett Warrior architecture, allowing it to serve as a host for a federated TAK/ATAK server while simultaneously conducting AI-based video classification. With unified power distribution and data management, KxM enables seamless integration of your tactical network and gear, supporting a host as ISR, EW, and CBRNE, in critical missions. All these capabilities are packed into a compact, body-worn system, offering versatility and mobility.

Key features

  • Supports the Hyper-Enabled Operator, FCD-W, IVAS, and AISUM program objectives
  • Fully managed network switch with Android management app, KxM Config
  • Powered Nett Warrior-compliant USB hub with AI edge computing
  • Proudly designed and built in the USA – NDAA/TAA compliant
  • Kinesis Sim preloaded for uncrewed systems training
  • Docker Engine for 3rd -party containerized applications

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