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Securing victories in both today´s and future conflicts depends on leaders who can adapt, skilled soldiers, and teams that are well-trained and equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Ongoing progress in artificial intelligence has facilitated increased autonomy in military systems. As machine intelligence plays an expanding role, the effective collaboration between humans and autonomous systems will become an increasingly crucial element in future military operations.

Nowadays armed forces worldwide are undergoing substantial modernization initiatives to enhance the deployment of a greater quantity of unmanned systems across various domains of warfare. The widespread adoption of Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) solutions has rapidly progressed the capabilities of unmanned systems while also ensuring an extended life cycle. The overarching goal is to notably enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of warfighters by integrating soldiers with Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS). This integration forms a cohesive fighting force, establishing a Human-Machine Team (HMT) augmented with AI for Small Unit Maneuver (AISUM), ultimately seeking to achieve a decisive advantage over opposing forces.


Kinesis is an architecture, UxV platform, and data link agnostic control solution by Tomahawk that transforms how humans work with uncrewed systems in the most stressful and harsh environments. It is an Android-based application that simultaneously communicates unmanned systems, sensors, and payloads all in one app.

Kinesis presents a universal control solution independent of robotic hardware, communication hardware, or the specific end-user device (EUD). The outcome is a secure, cost-effective, and standardized control system that surpasses custom-built alternatives in various aspects. This system not only reduces the burden on the soldier but also seamlessly integrates with existing tactical equipment and tools, extending capabilities and enhancing mission effectiveness. Kinesis stands out as a software-based control system capable of communicating with multiple unmanned systems, constructed on diverse architectures, and displaying them seamlessly on a unified interface.

In the above illustration a unit effortlessly incorporates a diverse array of unmanned systems. The unit is interconnected through a tactical MANET radio network utilizing ATAK-enabled End User Devices (EUDs). The TAK/ATAK system facilitates seamless communication among all team members, enabling them to request diverse support elements and access ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) data from unmanned platforms disseminated across the network through the Tomahawk Ecosystem.


Whether walking, driving, or flying (fixed-wing or hovering), Kinesis delivers unified and consistent controls for all these modes of operation.

To control your systems Tomahawk Robotics offers the Grip S20 universal controller in collaboration with their partners at Samsung, creators of the battle-tested Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition military smartphone. The Grip S20 is a robust, metal-clad controller case designed for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition. 

Tomahawk Robotics Grip S20 Controller

Equipped with all the military-grade physical buttons and joysticks, it also features an integrated USB hub, eliminating the necessity for specialized cables in Nett Warrior loadout configurations. The Grip S20 comes with a hinged MOLLE chest mount and Nett Warrior-compliant cabling for enhanced convenience.

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