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Trango Systems creates modular solutions for smart combat training. Their products are developed and used by military units and homeland security agencies to prepare them to deal with possible battlefield scenarios. With Trango Systems products, realistic settings can be built to create the most effective training environment with emphasis on urban and subterranean warfare. Their mission is to provide an efficient training environment to prepare combatants for the challenges of the real battlefield by simulating operational settings of present-day warfare.

Among their products you can find polymer shooting range targets, Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training infrastructures, realistic shoot house furniture, floating docks, and Mobile Modular Shoot Houses and Barricades. All their products are made of PANELO™, a patented composite exclusively manufactured for Trango Systems. This material can withstand extreme weather conditions like snow, extreme temperatures, UV exposure and it can sustain > 12.000 hits w/ 5.56mm.

Urban Tactical Training Solutions

Shoot House - Basic Kit
Shoot House - Advanced Kit
Shoot House - Expert Kit
Shoot House - Custom Built
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In their range of shooting houses you can choose a basic kit, an advanced kit and expert kit. The advanced and expert kit allow you to create different building types to practice combat operational skills in various scenarios. These kits consist of walls, windows, doors and are available in gray color or can be printed with texture. Trango’s Shoot Houses can even be tailored to meet specific requirements based on training goals and/or predefined floorplans.  

Instead of using the training houses for your training,  you can also choose to train with Trango Systems training components separately. Use just a door or a window, to create a street combat training environment. These Swat street combat training components are also available in a basic kit, an advanced and expert kit.


For Close Quarters Battle (CQB) there are tactical training kits available with components like walls, windows, and barricades. The Modular Barricades support various weapon placements and shooting positions while engaging targets using different hole patterns. Subterranean warfare kits consists of different tunnel walls and wall covers to create the ultimate training environment.

Shooting Targets

Definitely indispensable in a training environment are shooting targets and responding targets. Trango Systems has a range of long-lasting shooting targets, that are easy to set up and move. Withstand extreme weather
conditions & up to 12,000 rounds of live fire The moment the shooter hits one of the three lethal hit zones (head, chest, groin), the shooter receives immediate feedback. Each responding target is supplied with 3 hitting capsules.
Friend & Foe targets can be used to train and practice situational awareness skills in urban environments. Focus is required to distinguish the enemy of the unarmed civilian. The Friend & Foe targets are also available as targets that can look like normal civilians, but armed with a fire weapon or bomb.

More objects to add to the environment are outdoor accessories like trees, trash cans, but also vehicle targets like cars, vans, motorcycles. And for indoor, training furniture like tables and chairs and even household accessories. All these objects make the training environment more realistic but at the same time they are objects to hide behind to make a sneak attack on the enemy.

The Trango Systems Barriers are easy to set up, lightweight but stable. The modular and simple assembly allows you to change the scenes during training and keeps your training varied.

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