V-Lite Multi-Color – A simple and intuitive alternative to chemlight

S&S Precision develops and produces elite industry-leading equipment for the military. Their mission is to provide exceptional performance solutions. With the latest manufacturing techniques and first-class materials, they develop product solutions for Military Units, Federal Government, and Law Enforcement Professionals. Their productions involve specialized gear and equipment for tactical and operational missions for elite forces all over the world.

The V-Lite Multi-Color is one of S&S Precision’s flexible personal lightning and identification markers. It allows the user to adjust the illumination to their preferences. It serves as a simple and user-friendly alternative to chemlights. You can easily cycle through the programmed functions with one button, choosing the option ON, OFF or BLINK, or a different color. The V-Lite Multi-Color is programmable in the colors blue, red, and green. The programmable functions are: On/Off, Blink/Off, On/Blink/Off, & 1/4 / 1/2 / 3/4 / Full Output.

Micro LEDs indicate the battery level and the function selected. Shipping the V-Lite Multi-Color can be done in “Lockout Mode” which will prevent the V-Lite from accidentally being turned on and influencing the battery life.

To enhance durability the electronics are fully enclosed. The flexible silicone body not only protects the inside but also adapts smoothly to curved surfaces.

Attaching the light is simple thanks to the V-Lite sleeve, providing the operator with a Velcro-backed attachment system. You can also slide this versatile accessory into PALS webbing and will thus be MOLLE compatible. With a weight of just 0.8 ounces, it is a virtually unnoticed attachment to your helmet during routine operations and for airborne operations low-profile enough to reduce the chance of snag hazards. The V-Lite is waterproof up to 60ft (IPX8 150′) and provides you with light for over 120 hours.

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