Who we serve

COBBS Industries prides oneself on servicing both professional end-users and official procurement departments simultaneously in order to achieve the best value for all stakeholders involved.


COBBS has long-standing experience with managing the complete procurement process and has successfully competed in international tenders over the last decade. By identifying the operational challenges, which lead to functional and technical requirements, we help provide the right solution for our customers.

COBBS Industries combines extensive military operational experience with a complementary range of OEM’s in the Defence industry. The core of our team consist of commissioned as well as non-commissioned officers with broad military backgrounds.

From heritage COBBS has first-hand knowledge and experience with Special Forces operations including HAHO, Mobility and Counter Terrorism amongst other specialities.

Procurement Agencies

Concept Development & Experimentation

Special Operations

Operational Commands

Defence Logistics

Intelligence Agencies

Special Intervention Units

Centres of Excellence

And many more...

More about how we do it?

COBBS Industries adds value to their customers by understanding the challenges they face and offering tailored solutions to successfully manage them.

In order to achieve this we believe it is essential to focus on a longterm relationship with our customers. We are a trusted advisor that enables our customers to focus on their core business.

Our customers

Our office is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working from Amsterdam we supply tactical equipment, procurement, logistics, government contracts and supply chain solutions to many customers in Western Europe.

COBBS Industries - Who we serve